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Understatement of the century馃槨
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I can only imagine how disgusted your father is with all of this along with all other Presidents and Vice Presidents
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Yes, thank you for your service under fire from your own party, most of whom are blind and won鈥檛 see truth or puppets of Trump. I call them koolaid drinkers with reference to Jim Jones but this is far worse. I have friends and family who remain in the koolaid category
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Question: any hope for Trump to be indicted? We have to hope!!!!
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Bunch of BS!!!
It鈥檚 called brainwashing, aka Fox News
Makes me sick, Fox makes me nauseous
Fox makes me sick. They have no coverage on Gaetz, oh what a surprise 馃槼 Fair and balanced IF YOU ARE A KOOLAID DRINKING TRUMPER REPUBLICAN, brainwashing on steroids!!!!!!!
Love Rip鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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I鈥檓 proud of your actions and words, wish more Republicans had the guts to do and say the truth and the right thing. I pray the Republicans can get rid of the stain Trump has put on this party and our country鈥檚. Thank you for your action and speaking the truth.
Good Move, they鈥檝e turned into Retrumplicans
Let the law work when you leave
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72 mil... the 79 mil voted for Biden, they elected him , deal with it
Yes he is and he will 鈥渟how up鈥 on Inauguration Day THIS TIME too, not just when Trump got elected. You strongly insinuated JUST that election. He always does, no matter WHO the people elect. God knows where the evil is and it is in BOTH political parties. Vote is over.