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After a very long time I read a book that carried so much wisdom and practical advice, here are my top lessons from the #Rideoflifetime by @RobertIger #leadership .............................. 1) innovate or die. There can be no innovation if you operate out of fear of the new.”
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Twitter announcing change of logo. O Fish!
Must be some really shocking news...
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How tax payers money is being dolled out to voo the voters. Shame on this gentleman who is CA and gone to LSE, clearly knows that this may not be possible.
"अगर हम सत्ता में आए तो हर गुजराती परिवार को हर महीने 30,000 रुपए मिलेंगे" ◆ गुजरात AAP के सह प्रभारी @raghav_chadha
Not sure if this triggered the decision www-hindustantimes-com.cdn.a…
Do you own the sahyog foundation?
This bedroom is crazy
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Someone's loss is someone's gain. Govt should do an analysis with revenue from cigarettes vs medical infra cost +lives lost +families destroyed
As a medical oncologist, I'll tell you why I hate tobacco. It cost a penny to make. Sells for a dollar. It's addictive. And it causes cancer. More than 10 types of cancer are caused by tobacco.
Across generations there is lot that our people have sacrificed to gain and sustain this freedom over time. 26/11 don't forget them and don't leave them. #DontForget2611…
Don't pay heed to all the voices that tell you leave out all your good qualities because the other person is not worthy of your noble actions. Life is meant to be good and do good. Ek Omkar! #goldentemple #amritsar
Mainstream media continues to cover cases that are sensational & have religious tones, there are multiple such cases that go unnoticed & here is one such case where you will find very little progress has been made and/or reported.
Winners of T20 and G20!
They are choosing the next president of G20
Biden called an emergency meeting at #G20 - India’s so-called Vishwaguru Modi is missing!
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Passion or frustration?
I can’t see them like this 💔
Getting ready for IPL.
खेल ही तो है. जीत हार चलती रहती है.
People blaming Modi, Rishi, Murthy family for India's loss to England in world cup T20 cricket semifinal match. @Twitter you are worth more than $8 for this entertainment. #T20Iworldcup2022
This guy just tweets on days when banks are closed.
Listen to this interesting conversation & perspective on why this and next couple of decades you will see India rising. He talks about mega trends shaping India growth story 1)demographics (ageism) 2) decarbonization 3) deglobalization 4) digitalization
How's Tesla doing?
Twitter usage is at an all-time high lol
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Make in India gains progress. Alia and Ranbir proudce a baby in record time of 7 months. Congratulations to proud parents and God bless the little angel. #AliaBhatt #RanbirKapoor
Me after watching brahmastra!
भावनाओ को व्यक्त करने के लिए लफ्जों की जरूरत नहीं होती ... a simple step by step work flow 🙏
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Don't miss out on these amazing places. I am sure these hidden gems have not been explored yet. #whatsappwonderbox