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remember that scene in the Lord of the Rings were this dude says "i was there, in the beginning" ..... thats how i feel right now about artificial intelligence.. right before it becomes self aware and killed us all #skynet #ChatGPT #Google #Microsoft
Catching some #CNBC on Sirius while driving, Steve leesman is smart but out of his element trying to talk home builders. way off base saying the administration has solved the immigration issue. Unless you live in a border state you have no business talking about immigration
$NFLX up big this morning.. need 330 or so before getting interested in a reversal trade. if any. 330 being outside the bollinger band ... the move helps my iron condors though
but..but.. the housing crisis.. but.. but... interest rates... but...but... supply chains... but.. but.. the layoffs.. but ... but.. cnbc says recession is coming and multiple builders within percentage points of 52week highs $LEN $TOL $KBH
February new home sales +1.1% vs. -3.1% est. & +1.8% prior month (rev down from +7.2%) … third consecutive monthly increase, which hasn’t happened since 2020; median new home price +2.5% year/year to $438,200
$IWM closed this position .. the hedge was spot on, the strike selection for the lower put was bad .. can only roll for pennies now.. move on to next.. looks about breakeven
$IWM rolled the weekly 184 to Mar15 184 for .45 credit.. was stupid strike to pick , trying to be too cute , should have gone a couple days out and few strikes lower
Never did see the appeal of her. I could point out a dozen girls at any given time in the gym hotter than her.... Reading between the lines of this article ... she wanted to see other men
Gisele Bündchen breaks silence about Tom Brady split, addresses ‘absurd’ dating, marriage ultimatum rumors Married for 13 years, she referred to publicized split as “the death of my dream,” denied demanding he choose between their marriage or his career…
People talk about all the hate on twitter. I follow 65 people rather than thousands, so I don’t see any hate whatsoever. I’m feeling like I’m missing the fun of being able to complain about how twitter is so much worse after Musk took over. Please post hateful replies on this……
Time for Final Trades! @timseymour, @grassosteve, @karenfinerman and @GuyAdami go around the horn. $JNJ $FL $TSLA $GDX
my face when someone on twitter uses 4year old video to pass it off as current #ukraine info
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$KBH up to 38ish after market .. ok earnings.. KB not the best operator out there anyway note that like other builders, things are so terrible out there that they used their cash to buy back 2million shares last qtr, and added $500million to buy backs homebuilders will be fine
$KBH earnings after close. no trade. if i did it would be APR 37/35 put spread at about .75
$KBH earnings after close. no trade. if i did it would be APR 37/35 put spread at about .75
$TSLA if market sells off a bit .. any new credit put spreads will be at/below 165 .. likely Apr06 opex since earnings are next month
$DPST looks like weekly options are now on the board for this 3x regional bank ETF $KRE $FRC
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S&P $SPY seeing a buyer of 10,000 May $379 puts bought for $5.70
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$NKE down on nike earnings .. . $LULU up on nike earnings
coin flip $NKE call calendar , this week/next week 130strike at .45 debit .. cheap shot
Mexico's President AMLO says the United States cannot talk about human rights with Julian Assange detained, cartel violence with President Joe Biden bombing the Nord Stream pipeline, or democracy while arresting the leading presidential candidate Donald Trump.
$LMT not participating today
fish taco recipe #1 was not impressive .. maybe its an acquired taste.. putting fish on a tortilla doesnt seem right ... try another recipe tomorrow #keto #gains
My new #kroger meat manager hooked me up. Never been into that whole Crawfish boil thing but will look at some crawfish tail recipes, probably some surf and turf in the near future. Tilapia fillets under a dollar a piece is a steel. Try out some fish tacos #keto
but.. but.. interest rates.. but ... but .. housing crisis... but... but.. permits.. but. but.. regional banks... but.. the layoffs... $LEN
Preliminary new home pricing results for mid-March: Majority of builders held prices flat ~25% raised prices <5% lowered
$KBH earnings pm tomorrow .. will be no trade for me, no weekly options, IV is not elevated for the Apr vs May so calendar spreads will cost more.. APR 38s have 10k+ open interest , not that it means anything go with earnings beat, so so guidance, stock moves flat to slight down
The traders discuss how to play the housing trade ahead of $KBH earnings