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Who is promoting it ?
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I did it already
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Who dat ?
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What is their Senator doing ?
People, in general, are kinder and pay more attention to attractive people.
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Many who would not normally vote for Cheney, will be lining up to vote for her in the primaries.
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After Trump’s golf vacations you need to sit down and shut up
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Which we’d happily do if it meant we wouldn’t have any of the right wing loonies in office
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Republicans don’t stand for anything anymore. They are just grabbing for power.
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When Mitch McConnell refused to meet with Garland was when the packing began. Don’t even try to shove this off on the Democrats..
Siding wit @POTUS on this one. The GOP is out of control and doesn’t have any interest in the people or governing them
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Or they could be happily married with three grown children and still believe a woman has a right to choose ? Either way @mattgaetz is an a$$
It’s doxxing. And very un Christian ..
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You’re still a jerk, disclaimer or no..
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That’s the just not even logical.
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Ok just sit down and shut up. Neither side likes or respects you
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Because they’re is no story ?