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Joined April 2019
It’s been a good World Cup refreshing to have one without the empty headed trouble makers making dicks of themselves #England
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Tory MP Mark Harper says behaviour within London Fire Brigade “wouldn’t be acceptable in any workplace” You could say the same about the behaviour of several Tory MPs #Ridge #BBCLauraK
The only way to maintain or improve your living standards is to either be a boss of big companies or have shares in big companies as their only purpose in their sad lives is to increase profits #BBCLauraK
Make America great again !!!!! AGAIN? It’s never been great, it’s always been ridiculed by the rest of the world but great never #TrumpAnnouncement
This plan B seems to be a very well kept secret, have we a C D E F G H I J and K as well just in case B isn’t all it’s cracked up to be #buryfc
The only thing all country’s have in common it’s it’s always easier to find money for guns bullets and missiles to take lives than it is to find money for nurses and care workers etc to save lives, it really a sick world we are in #gmb
For the 5% and the company bosses this is a fantastic rich country swimming in spare money and for the rest the 95% it’s like living in a third world $hithole that’s run by lying cheating scumbags #gmb
Stick all the GMB presenters in the jungle it would blow your mind wondering which idiot to vote for #gmb
Are we ever going to get a story on the lines of millionaires and company executives struggling with the current crisis ( they create) and I don’t mean yacht sale has been delayed #gmb
Hurry up Steph’s packed lunch is starting in a minute #PMQs
This comedy show is now predictably boring now but such a big cast on cracking wage #PMQs
It’s always easier to find money to send overseas than to spend it here #PMQs
Starmer and Sunak is a bit like watching Dumb and Dumber #PMQs
The Tory’s are going to stabilise what they have made completely unstable ! #PMQs
What we used to call nutters #JustStopOil
Glastonbury sold out in the blink of an eye, cafes full to the brim when you are out and about, walk in a pub to here we are fully booked,big rush when iPhone brings in its latest toy, this crisis is biting deep ! #gmb
Just switched on what’s the news today is it flood crisis, energy crisis, flu crisis, covid crisis, immigrant crisis, Russia crisis, food crisis, Chinese crisis,rail crisis or just media bull$hit let’s create a crisis as usual #gmb
Surrender terms to be discussed at HT #oafc
You can’t polish a turd has always been a good phrase #oafc
Neutral fan here, it’s like men v boys Oldham just hoof it out and then point they just look like they ain’t bothered #oafc