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#CT05: George Logan (R) 45% Jahana Hayes (D-inc) 45% Tarrance Group/@CLFSuperPAC (R), 400 LV, 7/16-24…
Welcome aboard, Dave! (and yes this can absolutely change. However, early voting starts pretty soon in some places...)
This much is clear from Kansas and the #NE01/#MN01 House specials: there's still time for things to snap back before November, but we're no longer living in a political environment as pro-GOP as November 2021.
This is like the 4th significant overperformance for Ds since VA/NJ in 2021. I don't know how many it takes to start getting ET to acknowledge that a "Red Wave" could very well be more like a splash on the shore.
New: Olmsted Co. (Rochester) just dropped, and it's another big Dem overperformance: Biden +11, Ettinger +17. #MN01
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It is truly incredible how many stupid MFers like this guy are in Congress.
For the FBI to raid a private citizen's home is incredible; but to raid a former President's home is unprecedented. We should all fear the dangerous precedent this sets.
Spare us your “Back The Blue” bullshit going forward please.
Last night’s execution of an FBI search warrant at Mar-a-Lago raises grave questions of propriety and politicization. I will not add to baseless speculation, but Director Wray and AG Garland owe transparency on the justification for setting such a striking precedent. (1/2)
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Oh here we go. Everything is a conspiracy.
Trump attorney Christina Bobb suggests that the FBI may have planted evidence in Mar-a-Lago
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"It's time for a CIVIL WAR!" type boys on Twitter who said they couldn't breathe when they had to wear a mask
On the other hand.....
The Bills are the preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl and Josh Allen is the preseason favorite to win MVP. What a year this could be in Buffalo.
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Firing coaches mid camp is always a good sign…..
#Commanders have fired DL coach Sam Mills. Ron Rivera said he believed the DL room needed a change. Jeff Zgonina takes over.
Replying to @Ourand_SBJ
Big 10 going to find out what it is like not having espn's favorable comments.
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The crowd near Mar-A-Lago continues to grow into the night following that search warrant earlier today @nbc6 @NBCNewsNow
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What a dope.
Tomorrow is war. Sleep well.
Oh ffs…
It’s true that ours is a government of laws, not of men, and that nobody — not even a president — is exempted from those laws. It’s also true that we are now closer to civil war than we have been at any time since 1865.
Attorney General Garland: preserve your documents and clear your calendar.
You could just retire like most 400 year olds and not have to worry about it.
Each Dec Schumer puts out schedule for Senate I set Grassley family reunion based on schedule. For 2nd yr in row I won’t be at reunion I’m in DC to fight Dems irresponsible tax&spend bill. Need a Republican majority to hv schedule we can count on & A RESPONSIBLE FISCAL AGENDA
Chiefs at 3 or 4. 6 is too low.
What would you change here? 🤔
Hello I would like to share with you the most astonishing thing I have ever seen At this CPAC booth you receive a silent disco headset that plays harrowing testimony from people arrested for participating in J6 Instead of dancing, you stand around and watch this guy cry
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Why TF does DC Twitter think Ds are responsible for Republican primary outcomes?? It's so freaking weird.
Looking closely at the patterns in #WA03, pro-conspiracy Joe Kent (R) might actually be a slight favorite over Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R), but it’s going to be tight. Most #WA03 Dems probably don’t realize that by voting for a Dem instead of JHB, they aided Kent.
A 3 point lead in Rasmussen?? Well that's interesting.
Generic Ballot (National) Rep 46% Dem 43% 7/31-8/4 by Rasmussen Reports/Pulse Opinion Research (B) 2500 LV Arf! Can I have a treat? Poll #159254 #ElectionTwitter
“Uncomfortably hot jobs report” encompasses the current form of capitalism to a perfect T.
Uncomfortably hot jobs report. 528K jobs added & unemployment rate falls to 3.5%. What worries me re inflation is avg hourly earnings were up at a 5.8% ar in July. June revised to 5.4% (up from 3.8%). The wage moderation we were all discussing last month was simply wrong data.
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