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Wood splitter, fly fisher, boat builder, sailor, project guy, permaculture hobbyist, rhododendron collector, chicken herder.

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1pm EST 30 Nov -- Today is the Last Day of the 2022 North Atlantic Hurricane Season. Happy to report it remains quiet in the tropics today with no tropical cyclones expected during the next 5 days.
Ah hah moment PP.
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Newsflash Pierre: Doug Ford cancelled minimum wage increases and just today had wage control legislation declared unconstitutional. You sure it’s Trudeau?
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Unfortunately there is a market for gorilla meat (just as there is lion meat) in both the US & Europe. Their hands and whole bodies are targeted as status symbols/trophies. There are only 900 Mountain Gorillas left. #wildlife #naturelovers…
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Doing a lil painting auction over on Instagram for #givingtuesday proceeds to the NSCAD student union food bank.
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💥Give back to your community in a BIG way today!💥 We’re launching 🛶Boats for All🛶 – a campaign to ensure our races at National Championships are inclusive for all while growing the sport across the country For all the info and to DONATE 👇👇.…
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It might help to understand why your customers are ready to abandon you for their own solutions. We are a captive lot, but that is finite.
Hurricane Fiona was historic—Wondering if we’re experiencing more extreme weather now than in years past? Our Reliability Engineer, Julius Mantolino explains our weather trends, their impacts on the grid and how we’re working to prevent outages #OnTheBlog:
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I’ll put my reputation up against yours any day. I’ve spent my entire adult life in service to my country. Upheld my oath to protect & defend this nation at great personal cost. You’ve demonstrated yourself to be a purveyor of hate and division. Let history be the judge.
Vindman is both puppet & puppeteer. Question is who pulls his strings … ?
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So is Station 52 at Mills Drive being operated today by paid FF staff or volunteer FFs? It's not a manned station.
Stations 52 and 54 are back on scene at Mills Dr in Goodwood at this time. The pile of scrap is still smouldering from yesterday’s fire. Crews are setting up now to apply water.
Still crickets from our civic leadership on this preventable event.
Update, crews are clearing now but they report they have complete fire control at this time. The line being left in place is a precaution so crews at the site can extinguish any hot spots they might encounter.
It's an 85 km detour folks. 70 minutes for the loop. Close that industrial park. @IainTRankin
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Bakhmut trench warfare 2022
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Putin's invasion has turned into the largest military terror operation in history. His goal is still the same: destroy the nation of Ukraine. Long-range weapons are required so Ukraine can strike the launchers. Stop deterring your ally and deter your enemy. 5/7
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I'll be surprised if local response resources are prepared for this.
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A strong reason to get rid of the industrial businesses in Goodwood
Every time I see a #TimHortons cup in the #ditch
THANKSGIVING 2022 - reunion of old friends. Alice Brock, Rick Robbins and Me 57 years after the crime.
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BREAKING NEWS: Four shark and ray proposals for a total of 104 species are OFFICIALLY approved for protection in global trade! The BIGGEST win in CITES history. Rob would be so proud! #CITES4Sharks #ProtectWhatYouLove #LimitTradeProtectSharks #RobStewart #BreakingNews #SharkWin
Classic cup and ball game Dube, well played.
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ICYMI: Staff are recommending an 8% increase to the average property tax bill:…
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My mom always said you are known by the company you keep.
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My love 💛💙
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How pathetic Merkel is, doubling down on decades of appeasing Putin that everyone around her has now admitted was a catastrophic blunder leading directly to Putin’s first and second invasions of Ukraine. She bought time for Putin—and weapons, too.
You couldn't make it up. Angela Merkel praises Neville Chamberlain(!) in a Spiegel interview, saying that she bought time for Ukraine by rejecting them for NATO membership at Bucharest 08 like Chamberlain bought time at Munich.
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