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HORRENDOUS! 25 yr old Texas woman denied an abortion after fetus was diagnosed with multiple abnormalities that would be fatal. The mothers life is in danger now & doctors told her that she can't have an abortion unless she has a stroke or liver failure. #BetoForGovernor
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1% of people were responsible for almost a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions over 1990-2019 Eye-opening stats in this piece on emissions inequality over the past 3 decades. My coverage of the @naturesustainab study for @CarbonBrief 🧵 1/n
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Hoje no debate na AR Costa afirmou que lhe é indiferente se o Luís Dias, em greve de fome há 22 dias, vive ou morre. Isto é tão mau que nem sei o que dizer disto. Entretanto o Luis foi hospitalizado ao final da tarde de hoje.
Costa be like : you dare oppose me mortal @ViAsFrick_
"Isto é o desastre económico que é a Iniciativa Liberal " 😬😬😬
Why does it look so cool
base-64 number system i came up with when i was in fifth grade
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We warned you about climate change You ignored Now we all suffer
Reminiscent of a tsunami, #HurricanIan is so strong it is literally sucking water out to sea and exposing the sea floor in Tampa Bay. 🎥@jordansteele
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Rise With The Women of Iran! #MahsaAmini #ZhinaAmini
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my mentions when i call italian fascists fascists
Dimitrios Ulyanov
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Realmente maia vale sozinho do que mal acompanhado e é verdade
To all theppl saying he shouldnt congratulate Meloni Ukraine still needs Italy support in the EU, diplomacy is the name of the game here
Вітаємо Джорджу Мелоні @GiorgiaMeloni та її політичну силу з перемогою на виборах. Цінуємо сталу підтримку України з боку Італії в боротьбі з російською агресією. Розраховуємо на плідну співпрацю з новим італійським урядом.
Podemos please tirar o Fernando Santos ?
Pela terceira vez consecutiva, Portugal falha um apuramento quando precisava apenas de um empate 😲 2020: Portugal 0-1 França 2021: Portugal 1-2 Sérvia 2022: Portugal 0-1 Espanha Todos os jogos foram disputados em casa.
Vamos caralho
Competitive Operations Update: FNATIC Roster Riot Games has permitted FNATIC an emergency roster addition due to two players contracting COVID. The player Rhuckz, from Fnatic's ERL team "Fnatic TQ", has been added as a seventh player to the FNC roster.
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please give me a 5 game banger
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Estou a vendar a minha bateria acústica, 400€ negociáveis, zona de Cascais
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Ppl talking about cancel culturr cancelling G2 CEO, when he partied with a fucking mysoginist who calls women property Thats how fucked up this community is
Well i hope for a fast recovery
could FNC loan a botlane from an LEC team similar to the doggo situation at MSI? fnc patrik fnc mikyx dropping in hot?
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They look so thrilled to go to Ukraine and defect
Another revealing video. Scene inside a mustering station in Russia where an officer yells at angry, resentful men who have been mobilized. “That’s it- playtime’s over. You’re soldiers now!”
Settphel is the best ship outside of caitvi
Bora continuar a votar PS 🤡
🗓️ 22/09/2022 📝 Projeto de Resolução (PCP) ➡️ Recomenda ao GOV que proceda ao alargamento das medidas de apoio às vítimas dos incêndios florestais ocorridos em Portugal em 2017 às vítimas dos incêndios de julho de 2022 ✅ CH, IL, PCP, BE, PAN, L ❌ PS ⚪️ PSD Rejeitado 🔴
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