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nobody, really.

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There's no such thing as monogamy. It's just a polite socially acceptable pretense. There, I said it.
Ya know, when they don't care, it's so obvious. Think I should do the same. Me first, always, just like they are. The whole world has been carefully arranged around them. It's about to change.
Wanna find a nasty narcissist? Tell them something bothers you. Wait a minute, then watch them do it again and again for shits and grins. Then watch them tell you you can't take a little teasing.
Thanksgiving. TFW you know you're going to run out of money about 5 minutes after you retire and you will starve or freeze to death, or the common cold will kill you.
What is it with people who feel entitled to make others not responsible for their trauma, somehow fix it for them, or accommodate them.
Seems odd that haters get to decide who lives and dies, based on 2,000 year old hygiene rules meant to keep nomads alive in the desert before refrigeration and antibiotics. Sorry, women and children are not your property anymore, and your imaginary friend doesn't make the rules.
There’s nothing more useless than a prayer from a Republican.
Marriage is a way to get completely used up by a man, then once empty, become disposable.
Replying to @AP
Somebody about to find out why Americans don’t have free healthcare.
Twitter, where you DON'T get what you pay for. Who knew that money doesn't buy everything, even $8? Where have we seen this before? Money doesn't really buy speech either. It buys lies.
Hurricane headed to Mar a Lago? Accounting hint: Better get that insurance paperwork fixed up, you know, report the real value on that dump so your claims get paid, not just that fake value you report to cut your property taxes.
There's no reason other than the good ol'boys don't want to have a black woman governor. Stacy Abrams has done more for Georgia in her sleep than any member of the dying good ol doughy white boys club.
If you're waiting in line to vote, thank you 😎😁💯
Why must I constantly be reminded that I am physically less strong than men?
Oh. Okay. Amber Heard is a narcopath collector. Explains everything.