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No matter how much you fight it, we all will be held accountable for the lives we lived. We will all kneel before Christ in the end.

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An international arms dealer in exchange for a mediocre athlete of a sport that literally no one watches. Does that deal make sense?
Wow… this is what kids in San Francisco have to walk through to get home from school… watch till end
Ricci Wynne
I will never say RIP Roe. No. Roe, you don't deserve to rest in peace. You were the political and globalist justification to murder over 60 million innocent, defenseless, voiceless babies. All for selfish, conceded gratification and gain. Fuck your peace. Burn in hell.
Blue cesspool states are only a temporary haven for evil. This is a nation under GOD and we WILL see a complete nationwide ban on abortion in this generation. No more murdering of the innocent and defenseless.
You wanna know what I love most about DeSantis? When the left spews their craziness, he just simply says "no, we're not going to do that." And then passed bills into law to stop it. This guy...
I want my 99 cent Trump gas. DeSantis style.
Joe Biden said us common folk need more money (more inflation) because there's going to be another pandemic. If they try to lock us down again for mass mail in voting, people, say NO.
Other countries are training their recruits to fight and defend. Ours is teaching about pronouns and feelings. They're also trying to pass red flag laws which gives them the power to take our weapons anytime. Weaken our military and disarm citizens. Their plan.
As we trudge through the absolute gayness of June, this time, more than ever, we should remember that someone, somewhere, in this country, still has this sticker forever glued to the rear end of their vehicle.