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This is probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen on the Internet. What parent that is not mentally ill allows this to happen to their child? They should be jailed for life for mutilation of another human.
If u agree with this give your head a hard smash of a brick wall
This baby girl was aborted because she had a small genetic mutation (which was inherited from her mother) that could have meant she had autism and because she was smaller than usual and had "unusual" physical traits (that her mother also had)
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Can’t stop thinking about how libs mocked cons for thinking gay marriage would lead to a slippery slope and it turned out the next stage was "castrate children".
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Magnificent applause at Brentford/Arsenal on 70th minute for the Queen, and stirring spontaneous singing of National Anthem. What a contrast to the heartless Celtic fans that chose to mock & taunt a 96yr-old woman who loved Scotland so much.
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Black pride- amazing Asian pride- fantastic LGBT pride- incredible White pride- racist bigotry
Good point 👌
So if we don't let athletes bet on games they can influence, why do we allow congress to invest in companies they regulate?
I totally agree! When my kids want haribo and ice cream for breakfast they know best what a good nutritional start to the day is 🤣
“Look Dad, boobs!” This was the moment we all knew the doctors guessed wrong when they assigned him male at birth. Thank Science our little girl made herself known before puberty hit so we can block it! Listen to your kids! They ALWAYS know better than you what’s best for them.
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Pretty sure America should be shouting this from the rooftops. Don't care what colour you are, those sworn to "protect and serve" should not be doing this. #Racism #racist #WhiteSupremacy
This video of police beating a white suspect looks pretty heinous. Will it receive widespread condemnation? Will ministry leaders speak out about it? Will national media cover it extensively?
Kindly explain @bethanysmm how supporting abortion/child murder makes you a pillar of your community? In fact...if your so sure of your stance on this issue I challenge you to an open debate on twitter where I can guarantee I will dispute every single fact you think u know
Facilitating the abortion stigma part of this workshop is such a joy, so many people left today equipped with the knowledge on how to combat anti-choice rhetoric and also how to use abortion pills! @a4cderry is a pillar of the community ❤️
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Abortion kills a human person. Abortion kills a human person. Abortion kills a human person. Abortion kills a human person. Abortion kills a human person. Abortion kills a human person.
Yeah cos this message gets valid points across
Me: “It’s wrong to kill babies.” Them:
I would love to know how @sinnfeinireland get almost 5 times as much money as the other parties? We see the amount of income but not it's source. Any answers @moneillsf ?
Must admit...@JamieBrysonCPNI has a bit of a point here? What's your thoughts @moneillsf ?
Another nationalist hate fest. Where are all those who were hyperventilating in July?
I'm not a unionist or a republican. However, celebrating the death of a man who burnt a woman alive is just plain wrong and just plain evil. Stop it. These men were scum of the earth. Let them rot
This glorification has to stop. Insensitive at best given the 'remembered with pride' ... remembered for burning a woman alive.
If you are distressed by any images of dismembered babies then, simple, don't dismember your baby. If an image distresses you it's not the image that is the problem buy your own moral conscience
Well if the pro-aborts said it, it must be true. Not. 🙈 The same group call children in the womb - 'clumps of cells'.
I'll correct this for you. If you want to slaughter your own child at home click this link and we will show you how.
The failure to commission abortion services in Northern Ireland means that people are still having to travel for abortion access. This is not good enough, we need proper services in place. If you need #CAREATHOME, see more below 👇
Truth that 💯
There is something so dreadfully manipulative about telling children that the way to be themselves is to fundamentally and irreversibly change themselves. How can a young person embrace who they are by being pumped with hormones or having parts of their body chopped off?