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Joe’s veins and brain are filled with trans fats.
should be paying off any day now.
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James Madison raped his half-sister who was a slave, had a son with her, then sold his child into slavery when he was a teenager and y’all mad at Lizzo for playing his flute?
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For the record, Trump hates dogs because they have barked at him his entire life. I've seen highly trained service animals lose their composure in his presence. It freaks him out because they sense the truth.@GOP
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LA for the win.
Thousands gather in downtown Los Angeles to protest for women’s rights in Iran
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Every time Ashli Babbitt’s name is trending is a good time to factually state that she got herself killed due to her choosing to be a domestic terrorist for a traitor. That’s what she will always be known for.
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2 October 1933 | Italian Jewish girl Rina Di Veroli was born in Rome. She arrived at #Auschwitz on 23 October 1943 in a transport of 1,035 Jews deported from Rome. She was among 839 of them murdered in gas chambers after the selection.
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Few weeks ago crossing 58th off 5th ahole on a CitiBike blows through the red light almost hitting me. So I yelled at him. He drops the bike down, runs over to me, yelling how I don’t know what he goes through and I should go to hell. These folks are a nuisance.
Oh this is terrible. 😆
The Russian Consulate General in New York was doused with red paint 👏👏👏👏
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30 September 1928 | Elie Wiesel, #Auschwitz and Buchenwald survivor, author and #Nobel Laureate, was born. "Indifference is the epitome of evil." / „We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."
This is riotous. He parrots your bullshit propaganda @JackPosobiec the same way Hitler parroted Henry Ford’s.
Putin just said the West is pushing gender change experimentation on children and doing the work of Satanism
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I’ll become a fucking millionaire if they offer a similar program related to scofflaw cyclists who run red lights, ride the wrong way on one-ways, speed and generally break NYC traffic safety laws.
Well, this is interesting: In NYC, a new bill would invite residents to submit photos of cars blocking bike lanes, schools, and sidewalks -- and then receive 25% of each $175 ticket. bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
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Where’s the fascism? I just see a vehicle belonging to those brave souls who protect public safety and civil society.
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Sign of fascism
The series of robberies being seen across New York City is a result of not fixing the Broken Windows — failure to address menacing motorbike riders with meaningful prosecutions and consequences. The disorder has now grown into violent crimes.
Ben is only as good as his audience which tells you a lot. @benshapiro
An astronaut’s sexual orientation has nothing to do with their fitness for space exploration—and certainly doesn’t indicate they do porn. Ben isn’t a leader. He’s not even a compelling thinker. He traffics in bigotry because he lacks the intellect & skill to inspire with ideas.
When does insincere @mercedesschlapp call out the January 6th MAGA insurrectionists and all the MAGA white supremacist Nazis?
MAGA Republicans: "We want strong borders, fair elections, schools that don't indoctrinate our kids, to save babies, be tough on crime, protect our constitutional rights, and put America First." Biden: "These people are fascists."
A grownup @brithume and a performative grifter @benshapiro tackle the same subject.
Republicans need to understand that while Trump motivates a significant segment of the GOP base, he motivates ALL of the Democrats' base, and a large portion of independents who might otherwise vote GOP.
Look at the empty street no one is using. No one. Killing businesses and increasing traffic jams. What selfish people.
@MeatpackingNY⁩ if you fence off the street, pedestrians stay on the sidewalk.
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27 July 1915 | A Dutch Jewish woman, Elisabeth Kanstein, was born in Arnhem. She was arrested while trying to get to Switzerland. She was deported from Drancy to #Auschwitz in November 1942. She did not survive.