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Your job is to catch and punish criminals, murderers and rapists, not be the cultural attaché. Criminals laugh at you and the general public wonder why their police force won’t respond to a burglary but will spend half their time out flying flags and making Tiktoks
Gender is made up - a woman isn’t someone who wears a dress. What you’ve described renders the words man and Woman utterly meaningless.
Lol.. apparently @jk_rowling and other left wing women are actually the US Christian Right. How do these guys write this guff with a straight face?
"Over the past ~6 years, the UK has become home to one of the most coordinated and well-known anti-gender mobilizations in the world." New report from GATE on anti-gender mvmts, including important strategic advice on future responses (2 noted below) gate.ngo/wp-content/uploads/…
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Gender is a made up regressive social construct.
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Corbyn terrifyingly didn’t know that issuing bonds created debt… to be right about the economy he would first have to had understood what one was…
You know guys, I'm starting to think Jeremy Corbyn was right about the economy. @Keir_Starmer @trussliz
Corbyn would quite willingly allow Putin to conquer all of Europe whilst issuing empty platitudes about “peace” and “negotiations”
He scared everyone to be honest, he didn’t know issuing bonds created debt
Corbyn didn’t know issuing bonds creates debt.
The fact utter children like you are leaving the party after the moral cesspit it became under Corbyn is only cause for celebration. If you had only the slightest hint of introspection or self awareness you might have approached this with some humility and contrition. Alas.
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Worked for Laura Pidcock, who managed to lose a seat Labour had held continuously since its creation in 1950, and like her, evinces not a trace of introspection or contrition for the damage these people caused or the obloquy they brought to a historic party they never supported.
I have resigned from @UKLabour. I know some people will be disappointed at this & some will disagree strongly. But I hope people will recognise that it’s not a decision made on a whim, or in reaction to recent events, appalling though they are, but a firmly held conviction.