This should sadden everyone, to see our young educated citizens choosing to be hate-mongers. It is time to relook at what they are being exposed to-through political leadership, communities and media. Time to take collective responsibility to course correct. @alokdesh @the_hindu

Jan 22, 2022 · 4:09 PM UTC

But Mumbai police is busy
According to you, Balasaheb Thackeray was a hetmonger or a social worker? Answer honestly! 😀
She only gives out her 'Maan Ki Baat'.. no questions.. she'll not reply to this genuine question of yours 😃
Palghar sadhus lynching didn’t sadden you?
Replying to @priyankac19
The legacy of modi.... post 2014. Besides all else
There needs to be serious introspection, acceptance of the problem and deradicalization programs to save the young generation from this hate and its proponents.
It is due to some political leaders double standard and selective outrage....🙊🙊
Agree completely. Likewise with radicalised youth in Kashmir. And in other parts of the country.
Would we see you raising your voice against this too?
Mumbai | At around 4.30-5 am today, a woman was going to her home from Baiganwadi old bus depot. Four people, whom she knew,were there. One of them took her to an empty shanty, other three followed. They all gang-raped her: Sr Inspector Arjun Rajane, Shivaji Nagar police station
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