With cost of living increasing& interest rates on investments falling, it has dealt a double blow in the lives of senior citizens who depend on this income for their sustenance. My appeal to Hon. @nsitharaman ji to address their concerns in the upcoming Union Budget

Jan 23, 2022 路 6:51 AM UTC

Specially in last 2 year due to COVID
Yeh already included hoga jab vo yeh address karenge tab yeh ma'am bolegi dekho dekho maine suggest kiya tha.. 馃槀
This is major issue for depositors, Investors it has be looked upon seriously.
A govt that cares about Sr Citizens should make Bank FD income tax free, given that rates are less than 6 % for 1 year.
Has your expulsion, post poor behavior and violence at RS, been lifted? If yes, you can attend AND raise these points.
So true!! their state is really sad, and getting worse day-by-day
good initiative. while if interest rates cannot be changed immly there must be a cash back if there is no premature withdrawal on deposit by senior citizen equal to 2% of interest on term of deposit =3 yrs. This cash back to be availed on maturity.
Very valid. The purpose of lowering interest rates was to support industries but has failed as economic growth has stagnated. On other hand price rise of fuel and other commodities that has increased cost of living for citizens. Where do the poor and middle class go ?
Ma'am your maths (Finance) is indeed weak....... Increasing FD/PF rates means increasing Loan rates too......which will burden the middle class & other family member......