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Its not really a secret that the irish like a drink to be fair.
Well then all carers should be vaccinated too
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Its not sustainable for our native species.
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What kind of farming?
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Seriously like
We are the host of the virus that carries the covid disease. We spread it. When we talk closely to people. Its not only in the air. Its also not as easy to control 8 billion people compare to 1 billion people. Its harder to eradicate disease as the population grows.
Spainish flu was 100 years ago. The population of the world was like 2 billion. And the spainish flu is not the same virus as covid. You cant compare the 2 pandemics.
What was the human population jn 1864 compare to now? Not nearly 8 billion in anyways.
That doesnt work if the host of the disease keeps moving around contracting others. Clean air or not.
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It was obviously a real gun not a prop.
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What the fuck. Thats sick. Bad enough animals are exported live to turkey and the rest of europe. Wtf
No its not possible because we all have different DNA or RNA. All viruses or bacteria will differ. Yeah there could be false positives or negatives in PCR
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Sick to my stomach. Young uneducated people tell older vulnerable people what to do.
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He does know it will just grow back.
Fine should of been higher