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As usual, Senator Rand Paul votes for Moscow & against the US. Remember that Rand Paul voted against sanctions on Russia (CAATSA) in 2017 & functioned as postman between Putin & Trump in 2018. Investigate him! reuters.com/world/us/defiant…
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MT @visegrad24: Ukrainian soldiers inspect a position that was just taken from fleeing soldiers. They were in such a hurry that they even had to leave their newly acquired washing machine behind. 👹 #Russian #Thieves
Oksana Ostapchuk
MT @visegrad24: 18-year-old Victoria used to work as a hairdresser but has now been a tank gunner for 7 months. 🇺🇦 Via @Lyla_lilas nitter.fdn.fr/Lyla_lilas/statu… 👍👌🌻
Oriannalyla 🇺🇦
MT @fcain: This #crater on #Mars is just a couple of years old - uahirise.org/hipod/ESP_06574…
MT @AntonioParis: An entire year's work summarized! Our latest research has been peer-reviewed and accepted. Will upload on @arxiv this week. Thanks to everyone involved! @NASA @NASAPersevere @USGS @NASAJPL @katebomb @ASU nitter.fdn.fr/AntonioParis/sta… #Mars #Jezero
MT @RocketLab: Payloads deployed! MISSION SUCCESS for our 26th Electron launch. Congratulations to our mission partners. It is an honor to help you get to space. #ThereAndBackAgain nitter.fdn.fr/RocketLab/status… #Space #RocketLab #Electron
MT @ProjectLincoln: Some of the hardest things to watch are the most important things to see. Don't look away. #Russian #Criminal #Butchers
The Lincoln Project
MT @HumanoidHistory: 10,000 humans living the good life in a torus-shaped space colony. NASA concept art by Rick Guidice, published in #Space #Settlements: A Design Study, 1977.
MT @BBCAmos: .@ESA_Webb @NASAWebb now sees a single point of light (not the 18 different points corresponding to the 18 segments of its primary mirror) when looking at a star. But the refinement goes on. Not quite finished tuning just yet. #JWST #Astronomy