Central Scotland
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Shouldn't it be easier to spell "embarrassing"?
Hello @MargaretFerrier via @tweet_your_mp Dear Margaret Ferrier, as your constituent, I鈥檓 asking you to oppose harmful elements of the #PolicingBill. I am concerned that clauses in part 3 of the Bill are bad for British and Scottish democracy. Please stand up against this.
Please consider a retweet if you think Boris Johnson is a national disgrace.
Got back onto Twitter, rather surprised at how long I've been off it. I think Othar Tryggvassen had a long hiatus which more people are interested in than mine.
Day off work spent mostly fiddling with home computers (plural) and looking at pictures of theoretically comfortable bicycles. *sigh*
Relocated in spirit. May not stay long as I'm not sure I like the neighbourhood.
Just read a year's worth of tweets by "Othar Tryggvassen", hopefully fictional character in the [Girl Genius] webcomic. World ended. Oops.
Had my hair cut today. Also, listened to "Celebrate the Burkiss Way" on BBC Radio 7. Most people involved still alive. Nice change.
Finished reading THE NANO FLOWER. Not a disappointment, not necessarily memorable either Stuff gets shot and blown up which is fun.
I've been reading a sci fi novel called THE NANO FLOWER. Rich businesswoman, husky men with big guns, in so many ways a guilty pleasure.