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This is why I'm missing #MITAM this is tongue slip gold for the CCP.
Bastard!! Anime has some weird name changes for Heavy Metal bands as characters and places.
Can we say "Propaganda" that the left eats up.
Breaking: Re-enactment video of @Ranting_Monkey going down the stairs in slow motion surfaces.
spilled the cat again
I can see the U.S. governments plan for Equity is starting to work.
Artwork I think @TheJackCochran misses in comics.
With cabinet games coming back at Walmart they might like this oldie.
Post on more for those who like suicide squad.
I'm a toy, No I'm a comic.
X-Men poster cover front and back.
Needed to put this up for @WeeboJones since this is a poster in War of the Gods.
Name the DC Heroes
Dark Horse Comics
Funny this is worth $100 to people now. I got it for $1.50 but will part with it for $100.