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This is *exactly* as I imagined, and provides the most straightforward explanation for anyone still trying to grasp at complicated theories on how the "SpaceX genius" could possibly be so bad at this.…
Such and good read. And fits 💯 %
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And effortlessly believable as it's such a VERY familiar personalty type and dynamic to anyone who's worked in big tech/media/entertainment.

Nov 23, 2022 · 7:39 AM UTC

Is that what is making the difference? Because I see these reports (and what's plainly on show) about Elon and immediately recognise it. But maybe it's because of the industries I've worked in? Others often seem blind to what seems so obvious.
How do we solve the problem of what stage management causes?
I’ve been the secretary for men like. They’re easy to figure out and you learn very quickly how to present things in a way that they feel brilliant for saying yes.
Or, quite recently, the White House.
Wall Street/Finance too. To my regret I went from a decade in futures trading to a decade+ in film production, so I’ve never really worked with “normal” people 🙄
Very familiar personality type to anyone who has worked in any business with a white man who skated to the top of anything because of money/contacts/nepotism. Ask literally any woman who’s ever held a job anywhere ever
Any big Corp, we called it "managing up" also, dumbing things down for senior management
To anyone who has worked in corporate in any industry. To some degree, one is always managing up -- to people who don't understand the detail but think they do and MUST be praised and where all must agree they are all-knowing. Wrapping ideas as theirs ... we all know that one.