Retired scientist batteries knows well French accountancy methods and French means to an end at present 2022 unhealthy !

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Guess how long it will take BBC breakfast or Sky to tell you the pound dollar exchange is back up to 1.11+ It’s not in their interests
Someone said why is the dollar strong compared to the pound Sterling? The answer seem clear in that the USA has a $30 TRILLION debt and to hide its Ponzi currency it needs high interest rates to continue to attract investors until they see the train coming towards them .
Don’t be concerned labour, your terror say BP, invest in the USA with a refinery in the gulf just bringing out some millions of barrels of refined oil. All these profits are in dollars which makes in pounds, loads of money . Investment of past profits are good. Leave alone !
Don’t believe the BBC blaming the budget as the labour conference is on and it adds to the leftie side. Our currency fall is like 40 other countries versus the USA dollar. It’s nowt to do with a tory budget tell BBC and SKY. If we raise interest rates by 2% the pound would dance!
Why have people in our area being told to do minimum 60 mile round trip journeys to get their boost vaccine. GP,s can’t or won’t.
If you heard of a company with debt of 30 trillion pounds or one with 2.5 trillion pounds debt. Which would you invest in?
I understand labour would reintroduce the 45% income tax for high earners and give the 99% who don’t pay the 45% the money. Great!! that works out at about us getting 4p “extra” “a year. “ Wonders will never cease!
Don’t worry the cheap Russian gas is being changed to expensive American gas paid in dollars. So the euro and pound fall wrt the $ USA with a national debt of over 30 $ trillion needs your money £ and €
Wow! Interest rates are increased to the level when labour was in power 2008! Then they had 400 tons of gold to sell off ( Gordon Brown) no more left !
Congrats military for an excellent job well done !
Question for any bright maths/ physics person! The tide raises a 250,000 ton ship say 20 ft. So? How much in KWHr does this involve at 100% efficiency?
The BBC keeps raising Scottish politics with an eye to future media Efforts. Long live the British Union.
I was 12 and at school in North Yorkshire when George the sixth died. Since then, her majesty has been the nations soul and keeper. Thank you your majesty.
Will certain people, say what loss of money has BP incurred by Russia nationalising it’s part of a Gas/oil project, without a single penny of compensation being paid. was it £1 bn, £10bn or £20bn Or something else?
How much energy could be gained by the queen Mary being raised 20 foot by the moons tidal rise if fed thru generators. Do the maths .
Can someone at SKY news, get rid of Beth Rigby……period !