Soldier from Poland. My way of switching to a different field. After years in physical security, it's time for a new cyber path.

Warsaw, Poland
Joined April 2021
Ok the road. Rest day. Security+
Little rest today because a lot of is going on in my head. Many ideas, a lot of goals. Need to organise it a little bit. Did some college work mostly.
Actually the same as yesterday. Focused on Linux and math. It bothers me a little that I can’t make some CTF or learning some incredible pentesting stuff. I hope going some deep in fundamental knowledge and doing another degree going to pay off. Stay humble.
I’m mostly focused on college studies which is Linux and… math. Nevertheless I managed to sneak some @RealTryHackMe new rooms which where very informative.
Focused on Linux today. Polishing the fundamentals. Except of course my college I want to pass LPI Linux Fundamentals just to confirm my knowledge.
Intro to Defensive Security… Nice warm-up before learning, nicely presented.
Doing some C++ stuff. Unfortunately urgent call from work mess with plans. But still fighting.
Just a college day. Some Linux and C++ which is nice. The rest 🤷‍♂️
Just college day, focused on that.
Just trying to figure out best way to accomplish. Nicely written, huh? Really I just couldn’t focus on one thing exactly.
Focused on basics on @hackthebox_eu and C++. Good learning.
Getting familiar with @hackthebox_eu. So far so good. I think I’m gonna spend some time there. Attend to Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: AI Fundamentals. Very nice experience and awesome knowledge. @Microsoft #cybersecurity
Some kind of C++ review. I focused on that.
Focused on: * Security+ with Jason Dion; * C++ review. #CyberSecurity #coding #cyberway
Yesterday I focused on college stuff - mostly Linux theory. Security+ certificate learning followed by Jason Dion Training.
Intro to Malware Analysis completed… Very interesting but I'm not sure that would be what I want to do ;) #tryhackme #security #malware #analysis #dfir #ioc #intromalwareanalysis via @realtryhackme
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The hybrid war in Ukraine. Specjalny Raport opracowany przez Microsoft Digital Security Unit, przegląd rosyjskich cyberataków na Ukrainie - bez wątpienia wart uwagi.… #HybridWar #CyberOps
Mostly focused on podcast because of lack of time, my all-time favourites are: 1. Darknet Diaries by @JackRhysider. 2. Privacy, Security & OSINT by @IntelTechniques 3. Na podsłuchu - Niebezpiecznik by @niebezpiecznik (in Polish) What are yours? #cybersecurity #podcast