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Oh yeah, and by the way, fuck the royals
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-饾棓饾椏饾椏饾椂饾槂饾棶饾椆饾榾- Nunes: 拢64m Ramsay: 拢4m -饾棗饾棽饾椊饾棶饾椏饾榿饾槀饾椏饾棽饾榾- Mane: 拢27.5m Coutinho: 拢142m
Love this
yeah nah I highly doubt he could do it against giants like Burnley and Norwich
People getting triggered here hahahahaha
Liverpool got robbed signing Darwin Nunez. Bought a 22-year-old and without even playing a game for the club, they're now stuck with a 23-year-old.
Holiday booked and gym rejoined. Eyes closed, head first, can't lose!!#newyearnewme
Love you Mane. Best of luck
It's the end of an era today, with Sadio Mane completing his move to Bayern Munich 馃ズ And as he's been one of my favourite players to watch and report on down the years, I thought I'd use this thread to share some of my best memories of him at Liverpool... #LFC 馃敶
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This is hilarious like
Nah Eriksen actually turned United down as a free agent and said he鈥檇 rather stay at Brentford 馃拃馃拃. The downfall is beautiful
Thought this was meant to be difficult. First try, first win. Wordle 366 3/6 馃煥猬溾瑴馃煩猬 猬滒煙ㄢ瑴馃煩馃煩 馃煩馃煩馃煩馃煩馃煩
Me and my girlfriend just split up after 6 years. #depressed
Maguire was 80 and Grealish was 100m haha, funny this like.
Excuse me, but I need a cold shower after watching #TheHuntForSoldierBoy.
I'll still watch Aquaman 2! Should be boss!
Refreshing Amazon Prime every 10 mins waiting for episode 4! What's going on #TheBoys! @TheBoysTV
The English national anthem has to be the worst national anthem. Don't know why we are the only ones who boo it. Everyone should. Embarrassing.
The fume though hahahahaha. Fucking love the queen me, and if people don't you should just go down to hell
Trent better sing that fucking National anthem next time. Football is a noble profession, if you鈥檙e willing to play for your country you must be ready to die for your Queen. You鈥檙e a lion hearted Knight not a court jester. It鈥檚 your blimmin duty Trent. She does well for Tourism
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Boss of you that Trent. Guessing he's like most scousers though, even if we wanted to sing it, we just don't know the words haha. Fuck the Royals.
Timothy. Is that you? #TheBoys
The octopus scene is the worst seen in TV history. Fucking love it hahaha. #TheBoys
Who comes up with this shit hahahaha Chimps don't cry!!!!! #theboys
Waking up and realising I was lying to myself about waiting till the whole season was released to watch #TheBoys . This is fucking disgusting hahahaha