Tech advice, please: -Screen has cracked on fairly new iPad 11. When I accepted insurance, was told $29 for unlimited screen repairs. -Asurion now says $229 and will send a new ipad. Can't (or won't) say if its refurbished. -That option would cost me $229 and I'd have to 11s
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I’m fairly certain your asurion insurance has apple care services included since its an apple product. I’d call an apple store if you have one near by. I believe ubreakifix are apple certified technicians as well that will honor your insurance deductible.

Oct 21, 2021 · 2:19 PM UTC

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Hello @JennaFryer , I know that you need to get reconnected, and I am here to help. Please private message me and confirm your claim details, including the carrier/retailer and the claim/phone number so that I can take a look into your claim.-Nick