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go padres. “gentleman on twitter” -Mark Grant.

Oceanside, CA
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your 14 and 16 hour old tweets? twitter is showing them to me. and i’m not afraid to like them this late.
counter-strike 2. wish i thought of that.
shanghai is a verb too ya know
the freakin ides? today??
it’s so funny when team eyewash is themselves getting washed
eric hosmer playing the entire infield, the hero.
can't wait to kiss who underneath?
The #Oceanside Pier Utility Replacement Project is underway. Connections for temporary sewer, water, & Pier lighting services are complete. The demo. of existing water & sewer lines & lighting electrical conduits are underway. Background project info:
transcend the dreadful limitations of mortal flesh: keep the faith.
Was just playing basketball at the senior center when a man landed awkwardly on his ankle. I heard a loud rip and he fell to the floor screaming in agony saying that he’ll never be able to play again. In a moment of clarity he quieted & exclaimed JOSH HADER IS A SAN DIEGO PADRE
shut up, forever.
Opinion: Major League Baseball salaries are one reason fans are turning away from the game [Opinion]
no umpires cancels out shame inning.
The Orioles and Pirates both wanted to play the bottom of the 9th inning despite the Pirates technically winning the game 7-4 The umpires left the field thinking the game was over and both teams proceeded to play with no umps
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can definitely see myself going insane to the music of these bally ads
mister roberts should try having a noble spirit
BoMel and Doc exchanging pleasantries before today’s Cactuses League contest.
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i just got back from the silly goose factory. they're saying "now begins 1000 years of darkness for the do*gers" wow
what's the name of the feeling that they changed the font
this is dangerous
“I feel like I’m a top-five athlete in this game. And I feel like there I’m gonna use all my abilities.” Fernando Tatis Jr. getting ready to play right field, but has sights set on a different spot…
i watched from the bottom of the 7th to the end yesterday. you know the one.
people are saying it’s been the most productive monday in years