Mike Lee was part of the group that attempted to overturn our last election and even had the plan in hand days before January 6th. He kept it from the public and then protected the insurrectionists. We deserve a complete accounting of Lee's knowledge and actions during that time.
(thread) Based on our reporting, Eastman begins drafting his memo in late Dec. and Trump WH has it by the new year. WH then gives it to Sen. Lee and others on Jan. 2, as we document in "Peril." But by Jan. 3, after Pence meets w/ Sen. Parliam., it's clear he's not coming along.
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Mike Lee flaunted his trusted foot-soldier status. He proudly provided legal advice during Trump's second impeachment hearing. At the time, he looked very much like he'd be running for president in 2024. That seems to be back-burnered for now.

Dec 12, 2021 Β· 6:48 PM UTC