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Jersey Born & Bred . Ohio Transplant . 30-something . Dog Mom . Girl Mom 💕 Natalie . Views expressed are my own

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As a Millennial mom, I had to do it.
I think our sleep regression is finally hitting 😵‍💫
The anxiety of having a baby that can roll from back to front is 😵‍💫 I heard her on the monitor and she almost did it so I just went and got her. Do I have the fancy breathable mattress? Yes. Does my anxiety care that I do? No.
I will never stop being upset when she poops IMMEDIATELY AFTER I change her diaper
Please call 800-372-7181 today! We need those phone lines ringing! 1 week left or it dies for the 4th year. We can do this Twitter! We can make rescue pets the state pet of KY and help a 10 year old realize his dream!! Ask the house state govt committee to hear and pass HB 166
Please, take a couple of minutes tomorrow and call 800-372-7181 first thing in the morning and ask the KY house state government committee to hear and pass HB 166. They are scheduled to meet tomorrow. This week is it, if it doesn't pass its dead. Pls RT #Libertyslegacy
Finally feel comfortable enough to sleep in the master bedroom again instead of the bedroom next to the nursery and OMG I’ve missed this wonderful bed. It’s only been like 5 1/2 months but it feels like YEARS.
How is it only Tuesday? How!?
JFC the Bengals lost everyone today 😭
We have hit the Sam portion of New Girl. Love Sam.
I love this tiny human that babbles and desperately wants to feed herself but god do I miss the tiny little human potato from like 3 months ago 😭 Why does it go so fast?
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dude people based their entire days on whether a dog could stand up or not (rest in peace you icon)
Mental-health crisis from pandemic was minimal, study suggests
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Re-watching New Girl and all I have to say is: Schmidt and CeCe 🥰
I’ve become a crazy bow mom instead of a crazy pajama mom 🎀 Who would have thought?
Order secured! 🎉
Just closed my computer for the night. Check the monitor. Baby is awake. 😵‍💫 Will it never end
Do I go pick her up or hope for the best and wait for the inevitable screaming?
I feel so old
Stop is 25 today!!! 🥳 To celebrate its 25th anniversary, here is a new, fun video from our original shoot 25 years ago! 💃 Watch it here: #Stop25 @spicegirls
Scream in 12 million people messaging me questions before 8 AM
Red alert! KY HB 166 moved to committee today! Pls call 800-372-7181 everyday and leave a message for the state government committee to call HB 166 and pass it favorably to the floor for a vote. Only 1 week left!!! Pls RT! Let's make KY rescue pets the official state pet!
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Another #Murdaugh tiktok... These 2 British guys randomly met Paul and Morgan in the Bahamas. They thought Paul just didn't want to talk to them anymore because he stopped responding. In reality, he was dead. They found out everything bc of the Netflix special. #MurdaughMurders