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पीएम मोदी की पहल से 2047 तक ऊर्जा क्षेत्र में आत्मनिर्भर हो सकता है भारत : रिपोर्ट का दावा… #Economy #PrimeMinisterNarendraModi #EnergySector #Atmanirbhar #Report
Siddartha S Layek retweeted
More than 2 lakh Multinational Cooperative Societies of Dairy & Fisheries will be formed. This will ensure that women become #Atmanirbhar through Dairy & Cooperatives: Minesh Shah,Chairman, NDDB, Gujrat On post-budget webinar on ‘Agriculture & Cooperatives' @Min_FAHD
As a token of love & appreciation on behalf of all Goans presented our traditional weave #KunbiShawl & #KunbiSaaree to the cast of #ChalaHawaYeuDya #BhauKadam #KushalBadrike & Ms.@shreyabugde who recently performed at d #VascoShigmo #VocalForLocal #SwayampurnaGoa #AtmaNirbhar
Are you looking for an expert freelancer for your business but you are stepping back because you are fearful of fraud?🤔 Don't worry Right Platform is there to help you! Join us to make everyone become Atma Nirbhar #rightplatform #atmanirbhar #freelancing
@Amitshah is demolishing temples in New Delhi... Indian gobarmint is more Islamic than Bangladesh...need to be #Atmanirbhar
Please save our temple. @AmitShah. This is the Jai Kali Temple of Hindus located in Chittagong. Muslims are trying to occupy our temple land by building a mosque there.
Replying to @ANI
#AtmaNirbhar West Bengal in defence sector
Diwakar Kumar retweeted
Got an opportunity to deliberate with Scientific Advisor to Hon'ble Defense Minister, Dr G Satheesh Reddy, on importance of making in India for the world in the Defence sector. We reiterate our commitment to unleash the country's full potential & make it #Atmanirbhar in Defence.
Kanohar Lal Snatakottar Mahila Mahavidyalaya retweeted
उत्तर प्रदेश के राज्यपाल और माननीय कुलाधिपति@anandibenpatel जी ने @Ccsumeerut में अटल सभागार, शौर्य गैलरी, योग विभाग में आनंदम, चैतन्यम, सुघोष स्टूडियो, कल्पना चावला स्टार्टअप एवं इनक्यूबेशन सेंटर का लोकार्पण किया।
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Shreetam Sahoo🇮🇳 retweeted
Exponential increase in India’s defence export, owning to the push given by Hon PM @narendramodi, is transforming it into an #atmanirbhar defence ecosystem. As per @SIPRIorg, India ranks 4th among 12 Indo-Pacific nations in self-reliant arms production capabilities. Heartening!
Replying to @IndianExpress
Why are they protesting? They get 5 Kg free ration every month by the PM… Indians just want to complain. He has made 80 Cr. People #Atmanirbhar
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Attn CSC aspirants! Candidates who clear TEC final exam will only be eligible to do new CSC registration. For registration, please visit . #RuralEmpowerment #business #inclusion #empowerment #DigitalTransformation #entrepreneur #atmanirbhar #G2C
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Yeh @rishibagree janaab joh hai hamesha #AtmaNirbhar #VishvGuru sir ke nashe mein rehte hai.
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Modi doesn't want to give employment, he wants people to become #atmanirbhar and create employment. Don't wait.
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Attn CSC aspirants! Candidates who clear TEC final exam will only be eligible to do new CSC registration. For registration, please visit . #RuralEmpowerment #business #inclusion #empowerment #DigitalTransformation #entrepreneur #atmanirbhar #G2C