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ओलि सरकारले गरेको क्रिकेटमा लगानि र बिकासले बल्ल रिजल्ट दिन थाल्यो।बा ले दुर्दर्शि काम गर्नुभएको थियो क्रिकेटको बिकासमा ।स्मरणिय रहोस ,मोन्टि देसाइ जस्ता स्तर का कोच नेपाल ल्याउने पहल गर्नुभएको पनि केपी बा ले हो ।त्यो बेला देसाइ अन्तै involve भएर आउन पाएका थिएनन्।धन्यबाद केपी बा
Read the 1953 TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA AND THE GOVERNMENT OF NEPAL Excellend job, @8140_Nishant #nepal #backoffindia #prachanda
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It is important to preserve historical documents, especially for poor and weaker nations like Nepal, sandwiched between giant powers. Unfortunately, the government of Nepal doesn't care to store it and make it available to the public. Document Source:
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It’s actually very similar to how india influences Nepal. Shathfa plz go and read abt 2015 nepal blockade and find out what #Backoffindia…
हाम्रा त सिर्फ १-२ लाख मान्छे पर्ला तर तिम्रा ५० करोड मान्छेलाई कस्ले बचाउला ,नेपाल सिद्दाउन खोज्दछौ भने ! हम तोह डुबेङे सनम तुझे भि लेके डुबेङे ,याद राख्ना ! #BackOffIndia #IAmNotYourSmallBrother #NepalFirst #DontCreateEnemyWithUs
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India ko dalal. #BackoffIndia
#GodiMedia #backoffindia @cmprachanda #Nepal should stop this project...else all indian baggers Biharis and UP wala bhaiya will be in Nepal and dancing here n there... total loss of culture and customs...
How important is where #Buddha was born? Isn't it enough that he was born? Is where he was born more important than his Dharma?… #backoffindia #compassion #economicembargo #facebook #madhes #socialmedia
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How can I forget those legendary days... Still we want #BackOffIndia... Do visit Nepal for more delicious Nepali dishes 😋 and you're gonna get a guide for free 😉
Tell your evil country India to stop stealing from Nepal and stop sending the likes of Bihari, marwadi and dumb educated South Indians to Nepal. #BackOffIndia #DhotiOut
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Parag and his entire team India has to be prosecuted for meddling with freedom of speech on the platform. Jack should be wary of his company. #BackOffIndia
Indian grown up in a extremists and ultra nationalists nation like India is not to be trusted. Stop stealing from Nepal. #BackOffIndia
#Backoffindia माहाकाली नदिको अतिक्रमण फिर्ता गर्😡😡😡
India unilateral attempts to divert the flow of Mahakali river by constructing embankment is violation international law #Backoffindia. #india must learn to respect neighbors sovereignty and territorial integrity.#Nepal
Dharchula, U'khand | We've told Nepal admn to take action against stone-pelters. If they're believing in false rumours then we'll try to clarify them by meeting them: Jt. Magistrate, on trade union closing India-Nepal suspension bridge in protest against stone-pelters from Nepal
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यो ईन्डियन को दिमाग एकदम घटिया र तल्लो निच स्तर को रहेछ। अब प्रष्टै भो रबि लामिछानेको पछि हात धोएर भारतीय कुकुर हरूनै लागि परेको रैछ। किन भुक्छ यो भुस्याह कुत्ता 🐕। 🤬 #BackoffIndia
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यो ईन्डियन को दिमाग एकदम घटिया र तल्लो निच स्तर को रहेछ। अब प्रष्टै भो रबि लामिछानेको पछि हात धोएर भारतीय दलाल कुकुर हरूनै लागि परेको रैछ। किन भुक्छ यो भुस्याह कुत्ता 🐕। 🤬 #BackoffIndia