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Words from #VP...💕💕💕 On #georgiaRunoffs ...🔊🔊 RT.....😊 @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @ReverandWarnock @Ossoff #Biden46 * VankaPro☀️🌊🌊🌊
The Georgia runoffs are about health care, about jobs, about justice. This will not be easy but it is within our power to change the course of our nation’s history by electing @ReverendWarnock and @Ossoff.
Says it all. A message from #POTUS #Biden46 compared to #HumptyTrumpty injecting materialism & Easter greetings seemingly more concerned in scoring self-serving political points & w/o genuine expression surrounding the sacred Christian Holy Day of hope and joy. #TrumpIsACriminal
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That’s what happens to people that think if they touch the flames🔥 they won’t get burnt. COLT 45! #Biden46
Rats. Nothing gets past you, Candice. Considering my avatar is President Biden at age 25, and my bio is "From #Birthers to #QAnon & #ElectionTruther grifters, calling out scams to warn innocent people. 🍾 #Biden46", folks, don't take Candace's bet! 🥳
The most Nasty ☠Sinister, Malevolent president to date in ALL AMERICAN HISTORY 😱😧🧐☹ IMPEACH #BIDEN46 ASAP!
From my time as vice president to now, I'm making sure our country is built on good-paying union jobs because we know that when folks get a decent wage, not only do workers get a little breathing room, but everybody in the community does better.
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Thanks to #DumpTrumploser2020 nature has taken a backseat to big business and greed.. about time #Biden46 does something about this 'situation'
If you’re curious what fear sounds like please read the post below and all of the replies👇🏾 #Biden46 #Trump47
SERIOUSLY: Shouldn't Trump be BANNED from running for office EVER again?
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So he admits #Biden46?
While playing golf, Donald Trump declared himself both the “45th and the 47th” President of the United States.
It’s been a year. #Biden46
I #Love a #President who stands an delivers a #Speech & #AnswersQuestions for over an Hour & half! #Biden46 has more #Credibility & #Promotes the #AmericanDream! He has more #Knowledge of our #Citizens & their needs by his #Experience! #TFG45 shoot so many holes in our Democracy
☆°•☆○♡○☆•°•☆○♡○☆•°☆ 📣U N E M P L O Y M E N T. The. Lowest. In. 52. YEARS!↩ 6 MILLION JOBS C R E A T E D IN 2021, UNDER #BIDEN46!😎 #ThanksAgainPOTUSBIDEN 💪 #Jobs💼💵📈📰⌚📇📅📚👍 #unemployment 👉📉👏✔
When I came into office, our economy was in crisis. But over the last 11 months, we’ve added nearly 6 million jobs. That’s the largest increase in recorded history.
Nice to have a POTUS who doesn’t mock the death of ppl who don’t vote for him. #biden46
That #traitorT45 didn't step down why should #Biden46 within 11mon of taking office and a Pandemic that wasn't managed by #ARogueTraitorT45 step down? Get the hell outta here! #Stimulus1400please en-should-step-down-to-save-his-presidency-tyrus