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Ms. Plaskett I completely disagree with you! There’s something all of these democrats have in common it sounds like the #BidenAdministration wrote all of their congressional engagements. All they care about is politics which is grotesque. #powerhungry
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#ReleaseTheManifestoNow Now! Today! #transparency If you are hiding it then it confirms a hate crime. #BidenAdministration #WhiteHouse
The Biden administration has led "the largest speech censorship operation in recent history" by working with social media companies to suppress and censor information later acknowledged as truthful," Why would anyone think America is different than China, Russia? Power!
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At the prospect taxpayers would have to bail out Silicon Valley Bank over the long haul… GOP called to investigate Biden Family connections to CCP and Silicon Valley Bank investments… 48hrs later FDIC announces it has a solution. @OANN #SVBBank #CCPChina #BidenAdministration
President unity BIDEN cracks jokes when kids are murdered. Blabbers about ice cream first. #BidenAdministration
Replying to @ZekeGary2 @CRRJA5
Are they "women" though @potus? The #bidenadministration has to yet to offer a definition of what a WOMEN know....biologically and all because your Woke agenda completely demolished our former rights
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1326 days since Jeffrey Epstein hung himself and we still have not had a single charge or arrest. Blame the man running the country and protecting his friends and donors 🤫#EpsteinClientList #Epstein #BidenAdministration
Joe Rogan & Russell Brand on Epstein Lets do the math-say conservatively on average 20 people per week went to the island over the 31 years.Thats: 20 x 52 x 31 = 32,240 Thats 32,240 politicians,celebrities, scientists & royals etc. All compromised on camera with kids #Epstein
The sad part is that there is well enough #housing in #California. The reason why the #Homelessness is such a #epemdic is because the #BidenAdministration pays them to continue there drug #abuse. #ImpeachBiden #sad #facts #trending #Breaking_News