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Because of Joe Biden's Inflation Reduction ILG Energy and QCELLS are expanding their AZ and GA manufacturing plants. Hundreds of good paying jobs will be created between the 2 companies. The GOP hasn't done a damn thing to create jobs in years. #FreshResists #BidenDelivers…
Our awesome @POTUS @JoeBiden demands action! We've had too many children & wonderful people in our lives perish from gun violence. We have astronomically more #GunViolence than in any other country. #BidenDelivers sane common sense #GunReform policy! Call your Congressional reps…
I call on Congress again to pass my assault weapons ban. It's about time we make some more progress.
Replying to @Jim_Jordan
Misleading again Gym??? It’s over a period of time & includes replacement agents for those who retire. Also we need to make sure EVERYONE pays their fair share!!! #BidenDelivers
Today is Thursday March 30, 2023 and our President, Joe R. Biden has been in office for 799 days. President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law. Now, all jobs that were lost during the pandemic have been recovered. With more on top of that. Tap💙 & RT to keep it going
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Mr. President, You are pure class. A thankful American #BidenHarris2024 #BidenDelivers #BestPresidentEver
A new all time 🚫Block 🚫 Record for 1 day ....Should be fun today...MAGA hate is on the rise ...because they have no party ...
Today, the FDA announced that Narcan – an emergency medicine that reverses opioid-related overdoses – will now be available over the counter. This action builds on our progress to reduce overdoses by expanding access to addiction care and reducing the supply of illicit drugs.
“A new pandemic treaty…would hardwire into international law a top-down supranational approach to public health in which the WHO…would be empowered to impose sweeping, legally binding directions on member states and their citizens.”…
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#BidenDelivers It was a Hate Crime. Show the manifesto
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#BidenDelivers Rob every time you say anything about President Trump, You will remind everyone that you are a Sicko who visited Epstein’s Island