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The sooner we're rid of Sunak and the Tories, the better... but it's such a shame that #BorisTheLiar was ever allowed to become PM... it'd be a completely different country now had you become PM!
👇And this started a chain of events which caused the Tory Party to implode! #BorisTheLiar
EXCLUSIVE: Video obtained by ITV News shows Downing Street staff joking about a Christmas party on 18th December last year. No 10 has spent the past week denying any rules were broken. This new evidence calls that into question.
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has he been bragging about that new coal mine hes just opened #ClimateEmergency #boristheliar #ToryCostOfGreedCrisis #borisjohnson #RishiSunak
Replying to @IanBrownwc1
Something about 40 New Hospitals #BoristheLiar 2019? #ToryLiars #ToryLies
Jane Ayee💙💛 retweeted
Baroness Mone is hogging the #TorySleaze headlines right now, but where is Munira Mirza? She too helped VIP-laners…. Strange that she spent years heading the No. 10 Policy Unit confecting Culture Wars alongside #BorisTheLiar before his lies made her resign.
Replying to @vicderbyshire
And immediately above your post on my timeline is #Boristheliar crowing on about his call to Canadian Minister for the Environment and #COP15 #toryhypocrisy
Replying to @Kevin_Maguire
I think that #boristheliar was also shocked when he "found out" about #DowningStreetLockdownParties wasn't he? Same script, same old #Torylies and #ToryCorruption. And of course the same old #ToryContempt towards the good people of the UK
7million people displaced and bombed out their homes ...#ukraine citys piles of rubble .... Zelensky raking in $billions .... some victory #UkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar️ #BorisJohnson #boristheliar #biden
Sending my best wishes to the heroic Ukrainian military on Ukraine’s Armed Forces Day. The UK is with you to victory and always. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦
#RishiSunak is the same as his predecessor #boristheliar No honesty or integrity. #ToryScumOut
Transparency & accountability. Isn't that what @RishiSunak promised? This is pure contempt. 4 people. If the Tories cannot be bothered showing up to justify their actions, it is because they are unjustifiable.