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The biggest problem is now would the EU want us back, I have my doubts. So we might have to make the most of the worst deal EVER negotiated by any government. #BrexitBrokeBritain #BrexitReality #BrexitLies
Labour broke my heart the other day when David Lammy said that they will NOT looking forward to rejoin the EU. They will not try to join the single market either. You lost me. I will join one of the Pro-EU parties instead of wasting my time with you. You can keep hiding.
๐Ÿ˜‚ and Mogg said we need to wait 50 years - only 44 more to go! #ToryLiars #ToryCriminals #ToryCorruption #BrexitLies #NeverDyson
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Trouble was that there were some people dim enough to believe him and of course he was depending on that. #Deathgate #BrexitLies #BackBoris #JohnsonMustGo #G7
"The huge benefits of the single market - trading freely across borders, with common standards - were rarely highlighted by the crudely alarmist Remain camp" They were highlighted, but the avalanche of lies from the Leave campaign and its media collaborators, drowned them out.
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How does he square standing up to Russia with the CONservative Party accepting #RussianDonations ? The whole world sees him ! #JohnsonOut153 #RussiaReport #BrexitLies #PPEScandal #CovidIsNotOver #SueGreyReport
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๐Ÿค” If Labour are so keen for us to 'move on' from Brexit, why won't they tell us what the Brexit benefits are? ๐Ÿค” If Labour insist that we don't need to rejoin the Single Market, why won't they tell us how they'll 'make Brexit work'? Labour are gaslighting. #BrexitLies
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Get brexit done ?? Our country has been done by #BrexitLies You guys have wrecked and destroyed our country for good. It's outrageous
Good article. Fun to see all the #Brexiteers downthread claiming that #Beexit was always a matter of principle, not economics. Complete bollocks of course. Apart from the ยฃ350m a week for the NHS, the the pitch was better growth, higher wages & prosperity. #BrexitLies #ToryLies
My Sunday Times piece today: In the six years since the Brexit vote, the UK has suffered lower growth, higher prices and a big fall in the pound. And thereโ€™s no post-Brexit plan for the economy: Counting the cost of the Brexit vote six years onโ€ฆ
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Good grief. And you thought it was a good idea to publish that?! #BrexitHasFailed #BrexitLies #BrexitReality
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One of the biggest #BrexitLies was the 350m for NHS but 6 years after #Brexit the NHS is in an even bigger crises and doctors say it is caused by Tory underfunding not Covid. โ€œ1,348 fewer GPs in the NHS in March 2020 than in 2015,โ€ #BrexitRealityโ€ฆ