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Meanwhile, back in the real world, away from Putin-funded liars: Pre Putin's #brexshit: $1.49 Now: $1.11
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So what 🙄 while UK Gov was entrenched in #Brexshit ! Well done #SNP doing what we voted for ! What is your point you rancid xenophobic rag 🥱
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"Bouncing back?" To $1.11? From the pre-Putin's-#brexshit level of $1.49? That's supposed to be *good* news?
Pity you enabled this war in the first place by selling Putin his #brexshit, isn't it.
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They are. There's been lots of media for the last week about the pound. It's nowhere near the $1.49 it was before Putin's #brexshit.
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Minford? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 He was so accurate about the benefits of #Brexshit, I can see how you cling to his "credentials". But honestly, checkout the opinion of every other economist ever and be humbled.
total dingbats the pair of them . . . whoopee-do it's the #Toryscum. . . even worse than you imagined. . . the joy and stench of #Brexshit. . . .
This isn't war, Putin or a pandemic - this crisis is home made by @KwasiKwarteng and @trussliz
I'd happily move to an EU country to get away from the likes of you, but #Brexshit has scuppered that possibility. Own it.
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Up? I see a fall from $1.49 to $1.11 due to Putin's #brexshit. You are a liar.
wow. . . just wow. . . maybe we have to take to the streets to enforce the underlying message (and get rid of the venal, self-serving, nasty, #brexshit-ting #Toryscum
New @YouGov poll is HUGE. 🔥 LAB: 54% (+9) CON: 21% (-7) LDM: 7% (-2) GRN: 6% (-1) RFM: 4% (+1) Data collection: 28-29/9/22 Labour lead by a colossal +33.
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Still miles better than the multi billion car crash of #BREXSHIT
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And if it *is* down to Putin ... how come none of the interviewers ask (that I've heard) "so why did you enable Putin's war by giving him the #brexshit he paid for?".
But not Putin, who paid for #brexshit. He got what we wanted - the UK and EU destabilised to the point where he thought he would get away with invading Ukraine.
It's the end of the #british as we know em. #brexshit #brentre back to #eu??? They better drown the island. It's over and out.