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#capitalists have lst themselves go. The money men will flee to #CaymanIslands, the British citizens will be fleeced but remain. #ivyontheoak
#AllThatWeLoveIsBeingKilled 鈽勶笍馃尮馃審馃尣 #Us retweeted
We should be ashamed of ourselves for letting #Capitalists #Corportist & #MIC treat our MOTHER the way we do! #MotherEarth !
@gbnews are dancing around the subject that big breasts are #capitalists Sexualisation on mammary glands =capitalism Referring to breasts as sexual = capitalism It's all #culturalcapitalism
Redwood talks about Labour's behaviour of low skilled workers. @Conservatives came to power and doubled unskilled workers. #capitalists love cheap workers. Low skill labour is #Conservatives signature. Disingenuous toff #TypicalTories #typicalCapitalists
#capitalists are hissing at Italians for voting for Giogia Meloni but fail to see their role in her victory...
Liberals are hissing at Italians for voting for Giogia Meloni but fail to see their role in her victory...
You shouldn't get banned for highlighting #Conservatives record breaking #immigration statistics I can't believe the #capitalists behind twitter would cancel your free speech @SpeechUnion this knows about #culturalcapitalism
To be absolutely clear, I鈥檓 only following @KwasiKwarteng out of curiosity, and that鈥檚 rapidly diminishing at best. Sorry to skip to the punchline - but they鈥檙e shorting the economy like good old fashioned #disaster #capitalists. If you do that in a corporation, you go to jail
Like #Christians #killing millions to spread #loveofJesus for superiority #communists & #capitalists have #killed millions. But in UK there is merger between the two #philosophies. sponsored article says so
Therefore, a #fascist state is at constant #war. Fascists are #capitalists, & the problems intrinsic to #capitalism will not go away. Fascists are reactive, and they find new #scapegoats to wage war on.
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Indeed 馃槬 all for the sake of a few #capitalists who hated to share their wealth or even pay tax on it 馃槨
Iffy, conclude how housing becomes affordable. Raise wages or reduce demand? We've decided @Conservatives and #capitalists will not address supply.
Here is one reason why #capitalists / #capitalism need/s to be always regulated; & contraventions, violations, offences of these regulations must be stringently enforced! {#Putin #regime & their #UkraineInvasion & #sanctions of Putin_regime}
Nikkei documents how Greek tanker fleet is transporting Russian oil and conduct ship-to-ship oil transfers on the sea
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With the inauguration of Reagan in 1981 the dreams of wealthy plutocrats were realized, and the US began a steady transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top. For #capitalists to gain 100% of the power and nearly all resources all they had to do was dismantle organized labor.
#Capitalists are full of 馃挬.
No, because the #capitalists aren't advertising realistic jobs. Minimum wage is a market molestation. Min wage is result of plentiful supply of workers = too liberal #Immigration programme. Wages should find a minimum organically. Catch the #capitalists by their own church