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Owen Hollifield retweeted
This high school in Walnut, California just gave it's parking lot a #solar upgrade. Shading vehicles and helping to power the school. Shouldn't every parking lot get a #solarpower upgrade like this one? #ActOnClimate #climateaction #climate #GreenNewDeal #renewables
Yes I'm voting @UKLabour because that is likely to be the best way to get rid of the current Tory MP. If I lived a few miles to the west I'd vote @LibDems for the same reason. Priority is to #GTTO because #ToriesUnfitToGovern. We need better policies, especially on #ClimateAction
Will you vote Labour at the next GE? Why?
Buteera John retweeted
Violence against women and girls is exacerbated by the intersecting crises of climate, conflict & economic instability. We need #ClimateAction, and a more peaceful & equitable world to ensure the well-being of women & girls everywhere.
Change starts from within! We are working with our amazing students to raise awareness, start initiatives and come up with creative ideas on how to tackle #ClimateChange. #ClimateAction
On November 27, AHC conducted an awareness session to respond to the community and build the knowledge of the young generations on #climatechange. This activity was funded by the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) and the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC).
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If you’re interested and/or involved in industrial development and #decarbonization around the 🌍 sign up today to our monthly NEWSLETTER. ⚡️ @UNIDO #cleanenergy #climateaction #climatechange #climatecrisis #climatesolutions #energypolicy
Andrea retweeted
Help us to fight the ecological crisis in #Zanzibar and submit bold ideas on how to reduce solid waste and boost the blue economy in #Zanzibar before the 27th of November 2022 Apply Now > #ClimateChange #Zerowaste #BlueEconomy #CircularEconomy #Tanzania
FREEMAN retweeted
If you #TelltheTruth about the #ClimateCrisis voters will make an informed decision LNP lies and obsfucation backed by big gas & coal wasted 10 years of #ClimateAction @Greens @Bowenchris @XRebellionAus #theDrum #TheProjectTV #insiders #QandA #sunrise #RNbreakfast
Politico Anatomy retweeted
The decline in quality and access to natural resources like water due to the #ClimateCrisis means that some women are at increased risk of physical violence. #ClimateAction is paramount to end violence against women and girls. More: #16Days
Interessant initiatief van @EricHolthaus: #ClimateAction
Project Mushroom 🍄…, via Kickstarter
Science, Technology and Innovation in India retweeted
Register for the next talk in the #Sust_En talk series, hosted by the #Sustainibility & #Environment vertical of @ClusterPune to learn more about "#Biocharring - A solution to multiple #sustainability challenges" #ClimateAction #greenhousegas #CarbonCapture #SDGs @PrinSciAdvOff
📢Announcing the 4th talk in the #SUST_EN Talk Series📢 Title:'#BIOCHARRING -A #Solution to Multiple #Sustainability Challenges' Speaker: Dr. @PKarve_Samuchit, (MD, Samuchit Enviro Tech) 🗓️05/12/22⏲️4:00-5:00PM (IST) Register here: @PrinSciAdvOff #SDG