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Its time for the #Communists to reveal the truth now, this is all part of the script, to bring a #CommunistRevolution to take down global Governments in steps #BigBrotherGovernment
So, all the under 50’s want to be #communists and @DanielAndrewsMP is off to sell us to #China. You reap what you sow. We won’t be making anything or growing anything. #costofliving beyond thoughts and you won’t own anything! #auspol #Auspol2023
Replying to @POTUS
Well, Joe, you got to put those 15 million illegal immigrants to work somehow. Might as well let the hard-working taxpayers foot the bill. #Resist #LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder #IllegalImmigration #Communists
#Communists are not human, but red dogs with no real words. If they say plausible things, it is a trap to cover up bigger lies. #共産主義者 とは言葉の通じない赤犬であり決して人間ではない! 時たま本当らしいことを言うとしても、それはより大きな嘘を覆い隠す為の罠だ [10]1679782928
I dislike #Communists and #Marxists. They make everything boring and lame. Shortages of sand. Candle lit man. Throbbing, spurting, we apply the icing to the cake. The glove provides a much needed tension release. Play safe.
All crying #RacialInjustice yet you have no idea about #Colonial VS The #USA #WorldHistory of the wars of C.E. #WeThePeople's of The #World #WorldWars against The #BritishEmpire+#Imperialists & #RightWing #colonial-#Christians #NeoNazis #Fascists #Communists-How They Are All One.
The ONLY 'attemped coup' in history where you ATTACK your OWN supporters! 🙄 You are NOT allowed to question #Communists #StolenElection #FakeInsurrection
J6… Tear Gas and Munitions Fired Randomly Into Crowds…
Replying to @MayoIsSpicyy
Hahaha that’s all you got? Weak Mayo, not spicy at all. When you have to keep trying to label fellow Americans as traitors and terrorists literally anyone with a brain can tell you crazed #Leftists are the threat to this country. #Traitors #terrorists #communists
Sangeeta Law (party-neutral) retweeted
How Kerala #Communists fool people by appropriating the work done by central govt ⬇️ Left: Gadkari's post sanctioning funds for NH widening in Kerala 🙏 Right: Kerala PWD minister's post "sanctioning" the same funds for NH widening 😂 #keralamodel @nitin_gadkari @riyasdyfi
For those super-excited about the red tidal wave, don’t forget Labor are just as beholden to neoliberal capitalism as the Libs, they're just nicer to poor people. #Auspol #Communists
So basically the entire democrat party has come out **against** parents rights. These people are insane.
Replying to @krassenstein
Two #communists enter a can finish the rest 🤡
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#Polish #communists propose a brutal overthrow of the democratically elected government.
"Trzeba się zdobyć na większą brutalność". Używam tego słowa w jego pełnym znaczeniu. Brutalność – powiedział w piątek były premier, komunistyczny aparatczyk, a obecnie europoseł Leszek Miller mówiąc o nadchodzącej kampanii wyborczej. 😡😡😡😤….