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DeSantis can't find enough $$ to keep the free lunch program in Florida, can't find enough money to pay a decent wage to teachers, but can find $12,000,000 to help Texas deal with their "immigration problem"?
#DeSantis seems to think emulating #Trump's cruel streak is a winning campaign strategy. Will #Americans lap it up or will it backfire? #elections #Florida #GOP
What does it say about Ron DeSantis’ character that he rounded up persecuted women and children, lied to them, and then proceeded to fundraise off of their tragedies?? It’s sick.
#CubanAmericans, if you long for the corrupt dictatorship you left behind, vote for #DeSantis & #Rubio.If you want real freedom, vote for Democrats.
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Hopefully #Biden administration insists on total transparency so #DeSantis doesn't pilfer the 💰 earmarked for #Florida #HurricaneIan emergency, & use it for his political stunts & campaign.
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Trump is our guy unless he says he ain't running. if he runs and wins we will have 4 years of #Trump followed by 8 of #DeSantis #MAGAmericans!
Vote out the useless #RadicalRight #MAGA #DeSantis! Vote for #CharlieCrist for #Governor #Florida!
He’s now under criminal investigation in Texas and subject of multiple lawsuits for trafficking Venezuelans he bragged about standing by and welcoming to Florida.
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Sweetie #DeSantis is going to walk it and we all know it
Tropical Storm Ian is expected to grow into a category four hurricane before striking Florida Gov Ron DeSantis and President Biden have already declared emergencies #Storm #Ian #category #hurricane #Florida #Gov #Ron #DeSantis #President #Biden
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Remember what #DeSantis has cost us We have funded HIS culture war legal bills 2pay HIS $745/hr lawyer friends Sen Pizzo suit MA immigrant suit Bexard Sherriff suit Benny Thompson action Andrew Warren suit Masks Sued schools Cruise lines Disney war ALL TAXPAYER FUNDED
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#DeSantis is a disaster for #Florida
As of today:Not only does Florida rank 48th in teacher pay (it was 47th when DeSantis took over) , we now rank 🤮 32nd in Nursing pay and 45 th in Nurse Practitioner pay — in a state like Florida where access to healthcare ranks #41 So Let’s spend $12 mil in shipping immigrants
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Is he outlawing teaching about actual American history, banning books, and trying to force lies into the curriculum at your kid's schools? #DeSantis is one of the most UNEMPATHETIC AND RACIST people in politics today. I PRAY Charlie Crist wins #Florida. #DeSantisIsAFascistGhoul
One county, the details of whose politics most of us know little, as an illustration of the dangers of #DeSantis. An important warning to be heeded, if it's not already too late. RT @BillyTownsendEd A usefully absurd mirror of #Florida's tiny dictatorship…
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Now Trump world starts attacking #DeSantis which only helps him as Trump is just to much chaos.