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Florida Democrats are ready to make sure Ron DeSantis is a one-term Governor and a zero-term President.
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DeSantis failed to take meaningful action on Red Tide. He's cost people their health, income, and well-being. That's why it's crucial that we #DeThroneDeSantis
More than a cough: New study shows red tide exposure can cause neurological problems By @AmySWFL…
.@GovRonDeSantis is continuing his extreme road trip across the country as he stumps for pro-Trump candidates — this time for Ohio Senate candidate @JDVance1, who has previously supported cutting Medicare and Social Security.
And they think Ron DeSantis is doing good things??? First he said retired military and spouses can fill teaching vacancies. He expanded that to first responders being able to fill some. He has no solution for the problem he caused. He doesn't know how to govern. #morningjoe
The "I'm uncomfortable w/Trump but fine w/DeSantis" wing of the GOP is more dangerous by far than the "I'll-stick-with-the-felon-in-chief-to-the-bitter-end" wing of the party. Trumpism without Trump is just a more refined/pernicious form of white Christian nationalist fascism.
@AMoneyResists has put together a comprehensive thread on the dangers of DeSantis, *with receipts.’ Please read and share far & wide, including offline w/ friends & fam living in #Florida. #DethroneDeSantis
Ron DeSantis is a dangerous narcissistic demagogue who is fast-tracking the state of Florida to a fascist dictatorship with him as emperor. This man is even more dangerous than Trump because he isn’t stupid and actually knows how to go about dismantling democracy. Vote him out.
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Nope. As I’ve said often, I will not support ANY Republican who voted for Trump in 2020. That’s virtually EVERY Republican, including DeSantis. So I may never vote Republican again. Our ONLY job now is to defeat this authoritarian party. That means vote Democrat. @RadioFreeTom.
The FL GOP and @JimmyPatronis are costing you money. Vote accordingly. Vote with your wallets.
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Be afraid - he's destroyed Florida and folks are thanking him for it! #dethronedesantis #DeSantisDestroysFlorida
Just days after suspending a state attorney for refusing to enforce his extreme abortion ban, DeSantis had the audacity to complain about “weaponizing government agencies against political opponents.” Take a look in the mirror, bud.
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