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Replying to @SriramMadras
there are people on extremes.... and people like you who cautiously work to try and show that you are neutral... But u suddenly get caught on issues like this and show who you really work for #DefendingTheIndefensible
Replying to @Jim_Jordan
Keep moving the goalposts, Gym! How many boys were abused in the showers at #OSU ?? #Pence #ClassifiedDocuments #DefendingTheIndefensible #POS #DoNothingFascistMouthpiece
Yes... yes, there are MANY issues with that! #DefendingTheIndefensible
@RidgeOnSunday #BBCLauraK feel sorry for @JamesCleverly this morning. Yet another minister #defendingtheindefensible
Kenny Clark says that's not handball #defendingtheindefensible
Replying to @laurenboebert
Cheating on taxes says a lot about a person. DEFENDING someone who cheated on their taxers is also quite revealing #DefendingTheIndefensible
Replying to @GMB
Should we really be expected to take notice of the opinions of Alex Phillips?? Right wing shill. #DefendingtheIndefensible
@BryanHabana for the second week bottles responsibility….#defendingtheindefensible
Replying to @xena1967
Wow is that your defence of an deliberate act of a government to not check people in care homes #evil #defendingtheindefensible #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern #ToryShambles
Give it up mate, even you don't believe what you're saying. But I understand that you have to try anyway.👍 #DefendingTheIndefensible
Politicising a boys rape The #ILLEGALimmigrant is the person to blame What an ignoramus, shameful & sick thing to say #DianneAbbot The @UKLabour @KierStarmer should suspend you after this vile attack on the boy & #SuellaBraverman #DefendingTheIndefensible You Sick Whacko
Teenage boy raped at hotel housing refugees. Terrible case. But it is what happens when you demonise migrants and take NO responsibility for safeguarding migrant children. #SuellaBravermanOut
Spare is your Hasbara deceptions 😂 and pathetic attempt to refine ethnic cleansing.Were houses actually in existence thousands of years ago? Where is your evidence Palestinians - Christians & Muslims- were responsible for such past injustice to Jews. #defendingtheindefensible
Replying to @NileGardiner
Blocking roads is pretty mild, if you lived in #France it would be much more radical. You don’t agree, so what? I don’t agree with you but I wouldn’t stop you saying it, on the contrary it makes the #Tories even more ridiculous. #DefendingTheIndefensible #GeneralElectionNow
Replying to @Jacob_Rees_Mogg
You embarrass the nation. #ToriesDestroyingOurCountry #DefendingTheIndefensible How far have you fallen as a man? Your children will be disgusted by your actions.