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Thank you! I just scrolled through Freedom caucus tweets from today -nothing- on Ukraine. What are 🫵🏼 you doing to #DefundUkraine? Polling shows We the People don’t want it, or to fund it with our taxes~debt. Quit ignoring it.Taxation without Representation started a Revolution.
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The videos taken last night showed otherwise. Ukies were entirely out of any effective anti-air defenses and were resorting to common celebration fireworks to absurdly knock them down. No way to knock down the kinzals hypersonic missiles either. #UkraineLoses #DefundUkraine
Replying to @UkrainianNews24
Its taken weeks for Ukie leaders to concede Soledar a strategic town in Donbas was re-taken by Russian forces who have now encircled Bakhmut and cut off all means for the Ukie resupply of ammo, conscripts and weapons. Bakhmut will only be a memory by this Spring. #DefundUkraine
jenmarya55 retweeted
Billions are being sent to #Ukraine️. You’re paying for it. Who benefits? The military industrial complex. #DefundUkraine #ZelenskyWarCriminal
what "communism" they are talking about ? there is no communism in Russia, probably if there was the real red army would have taken care of this infestation in UKR #defundUkraine #bidengenocide #isuptous #FearNoMore #Resist #StopUSfascism #reform
Knightknome27 retweeted
President Trump is the only candidate I will support, unless he himself recommends otherwise. All others will keep the Ukrainian laundromat cranking! #DefundUkraine
We must stop funding Ukraine. This war needs to end. America has sent over $113 billion to Ukraine, now sending tanks, and have funded the Ukrainian government at $1.5 billion every month. It’s a corrupt slush fund and it’s just killing people.…
🌎wants ☮️ retweeted
Now this is a hashtag I will use religiously when talking about Nazi Ukraine and that War Criminal Zelensky. #NATOisLosingTheWar #ZelenskyyWarCriminal #russiaiswinning #DefundUkraine
A new hashtag is taking birth : #NATOisLosingTheWar
Glad to see we've been draining our taxpayers' money and paying for expensive eggs in the US, just to help line people's pockets in Kiev. #DefundUkraine
According to the contracts obtained by journalists, a single egg cost 17 Ukrainian hryvnia (37p). The price of eggs, potatoes and cabbage are well-known in Ukraine, said Shabunin, who noted that wholesale prices should be lower than in the supermarket.…
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Why don’t you disappear to Ukraine since you appear to get aroused by it’s flag! #DefundUkraine
Please! Please let Mayor Pete run against Trump … Throw us in that briar patch. Please. Oh and… #DefundUkraine
#DefundUkraine @TroyNehls - … “if you really want to end this war -Biden you need to call Donald Trump! Donald Trump will fix it when he is inaugurated the #47th.”