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It is not surprising that #Democrats have RIGGED a large part of the #Polling industry to reduce #GOP fund-raising. What is shocking is they buy into their own rancid supply:…
#usa #Democrats #Bernie @GOP Don't drink the Kool aid
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The best way for #Democrats to “tackle hunger” is figure out how to undo the inflation their ridiculous policies have caused.
$10k of student debt relief. Your payments, which resume in 3 short months, will hardly be affected. With interest rates soaring, Democrats have also made it impossible for you to escape college debt thru bankruptcy. The plan is for you to be in debt for life. #Democrats
All #Biden and the #Democrats know how to do is lie. This one is no different. Our economy sucks because Biden has destroyed it.
Wants to blame the war in Russia for the inflation and food prices and supply, everything. Folks this guy is such a liar, you should feel insulted that he would say this. We don’t buy Food or anything else from Ukraine
#Democrats have been running the entire #government for two years. The country is a mess. Every thing they do makes it worse. They keep fearmongering about the #GOP. And they keep telling us to vote for them in november to save democracy. Why? Theyve been destroying it. #fjb
Count the lies #couldabeenworse tells about @GregAbbott_TX. It’s easy to see they have nothing true to complain about. @TexasTeachers #Democrats #Texas
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Why was there a #BabyFormulaShortage under you #JoeBiden and the #Democrats?
The party of death has no sympathy for the murder they inspire, eh? Tired of hearing about it, eh? How tragic the young life cut short by a #democrat drunk on #democrats' hate-mongering about "extremist Republicans," caused you a moment of impatience.