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Impunity leads to violation of #human rights. This problem can only be solved if we change the format of society to the #CreativeSociety, where strict liability for any offence will be ensured. #talkisaction #justdiscuss #directdemocracy #citizenparticipation
❗️#Colombia is the country with the highest impunity rate in the world: more than 97% of #HumanRightsViolations go unpunished. Over 8 million Colombians have been victims of forced internal displacement❗️ Watch the full interview with Luis Felipe Flores 🔴
Ed Mcmahon never came to my house with a big ass check. I waited every summer like a Goddamn fool. #ClassWar #GeneralStrikeNow #Community #MutualAid #DirectDemocracy 🤪😂✌🏼💘💡& ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏻🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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In the world I offer as promise for the future, anyone wanting a war, would be the only one's fighting in it. #DirectDemocracy #GiftEconomy
We could prevent and end all wars with functional #Directdemocracy , but it will not be functional without the tech. Although it could happen without new #technology, the fact is people are too busy in their lives and can’t organize effectively today. That’s why I’m in #Web3.
@bankofengland has NO DEMOCRATIC MANDATE to spend vast sums of taxpayers' money. This fundamental problem needs sorting to stop these #looters. #DirectDemocracy is the answer. Need to sort it so that everyone has a direct say on our country's policies and control. #CORRUPTION
Iran needs a federal laïc system with a direct democracy. Iranians are one of the top educated nations in the world. They do not need one party to decide what's good and bad for them. They can decide for themselves. #freeiran #directdemocracy #iranrevolution2022
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#DirectDemocracy #VoteMoreVoteOften or place what Congress needs on ballots every 2-4yrs Congress was never supposed to work this hard. Give us the TOOLS, we make🇺🇸rise/fail. 🚩Do a yrly budget 🚩Flat consumption tax. 🚩Each state divides Fed budget. DONE. They get no more!
What are the advantages and risks of #DirectDemocracy? What are some alternatives to #DirectDemocracy that can also increase participation or act as a check on elected governments? @Int_IDEA
Create a new global society which is not based on profit. #DirectDemocracy #GiftEconomy #SharingEconomy #ResourceBasedEconomy
At least 94 people drowned in the sea last week trying to reach Europe from the Middle East. The Irish member of the European Parliament, Mick Wallace, doesn't hold back...
If you can't vote on election day on Oct 24, vote during advance voting days! Voting locations are open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. from Oct 7-14. Learn more about where to vote, what to bring, candidates & more: #TOVotes22 #TOVotesOct24
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Totally fed up with representational politics. It is broken & will never solve anything giving us a never ending stream of psychopaths of all colours. #DirectDemocracy is what we need.… It was in #Libya for a time. The People are sovereign, not Parliament.