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Born enslaved, Thomas "Blind Tom Wiggins," was a blind pianist who probably had #autism. Though he had trouble speaking in words, he had a lot to say in the many brilliant pieces for piano he composed and played.… #BlackHistoryMonth #disability #autistic
According to the @WHO, it's estimated that 1.3 billion adults globally are experiencing life with #disability. That's 1.3 billion people you are potentially excluding due to ableist practices and outdated language. Follow me on LinkedIn for full post:… #DEI
Your #disability and #sexuality are as unique as you are. So is your path to #intimacy. You can, and should, seek out #intimate touch. 💕 It is a healthy part of being human. #accessibility #Toronto.
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Don’t forget to register for your free ticket to Disability Expo 2023. Get your ticket here: #Disability #Ticket #Event #meme #Free #Marketing #London #Disabled #Community
Last night we had a film night watching the Greatest Showman It was a successful night #valepeoplefirst #films #Disability
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All you gotta do is look at the #disability community. One of us has a but to spare, it often goes to someone running short
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It is not special treatment to educate a child with a #disability, it is their right & a worthy investment! Educating #PWDs gives them a better chance at accessing opportunities and contributing to the dev’t of their families & communities. #DayOfEducation
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📢Collaborative #PhD #studentship with the amazing @maemurrayfdn and @QUBSONM on social #inclusion in young people with #Disability All details: Apply before 10 Feb 2023! @BronaghByrneQUB @McConnellPhysio @TheAPCP @RCOT_CYPF @BACD_tweets @disabilityni
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Thanks @SarahChampionMP for raising this important question for #disability inclusive development and good to see @FCDO recognising the importance of inclusion. Around 15% global population are people with disabilities, so must be included in all programmes to #LeaveNooneBehind
Today I asked the Development Minister why our support to people with disabilities is dropping @CommonsIDC
In the @HouseofCommons @cajardineMP says metastatic breast cancer claims 31 lives in the U.K. each day. We need more drug treatment, more awareness and would @RishiSunak work with @NicolaSturgeon on this issue? #PMQs #Cancer #Disability
So with my laptop sucking at editing videos of my weekend’s tournaments. I’d thought I would give a shoutout to @Ab1Gk and their gloves which are holding up amazingly well on 4G pitches time after time!! Just keep them damp #Disability #goalkeeper
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Yet again, #Disability reduces to a mere mention in the #Budget2023. The absence of concerted focus on investing in disability & lack of focus on accessibility, health, employment & education remains a troubling issue for the sector - @armanaly #DisabilityTwitter #Budget
Key concerns of persons with disabilities: 📌Universal health coverage 📌#Accessibility of public & private services 📌Income tax benefits 📌Targeted programs for #DisabledPeople @armanaly-ED, NCPEDP shares asks of the community with @RubikaLiyaquat at #BudgetWithABP @ABPNews
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#Disability remains a mere mention in the #Budget2023. Empty talks devoid of substance. The absence of program specific investment in the disability sector & lack of focus on health, employment, & edu does very little to rekindle the faith of the community #DisabilityTwitter
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Important issues raised today by the #EU2023SE related to violence against women #VAW. One workshop vill raise #disability our european organisation @MyEDF is represented by @LoloDanielsson from the women committee. More information…
🗣️Speakers from today’s conference: Economic perspectives on gender-based violence – paving paths to prevention 👉More information: swedish-presidency.consilium… 📹Watch the conference:… #EU2023SE #GenderEquality
This looks amazing! For anyone interested in #DisabilityTheology #wisdom #church #disability h/t @deafhannah for reminder
The brilliant Rabbi Dr. Julia Watts Belser has a new book on disability wisdom "and the spiritual subversiveness of of being radically comfortable in my own skin, of daring to find the presence of God in this fierce, fragile flesh.” Must-read. Preorder:…
#SaveSyriasChildren who suffer from #Disability on #DisabilityDay please remember them... Please help...
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We support adults with learning disabilities and autism and every day we make a difference. Come and join us 🌻 #JobAlert #Autism #makeadifference #worcestershire #Disability #jobopportunity #ambersupportservices #Wednesday