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#Cleaning your room Is cleaning your mind Your room is your mind #haikuchallenge (cleaning) #day12 #micropoetry #happystories #DowningStreetParties #FolloForFolloBack #haiku
Andrew Pierce will carry on singing the tory song & doing all he can to defend Johnson & support the @conservatives. It remains to be seen if there is any lie or act that is so outrageous that it might draw criticism from @toryboypierce. I doubt it. #GMB #DowningStreetParties
so @toryboypierce and his cronies will carry on spinning for the cons, spreading the #torylies, supporting the tories propaganda that has delivered #BrexitShambles, economic disaster, racism, division and covid catastrophe. Well done Andrew Pierce. #Gmb @susannareid100
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Whilst examining the Cummings & goings of #PartyGate, 'forensic Keith's' lot ignored this! "On Monday 10 January, there was a parliamentary vote to keep the [welfare] cap in place...most Labour MPs abstained...the welfare cap affects millions" #Starmer #DowningStreetParties
Despite the Downing Street party scandal, Labour still managed to shame itself. By @MrTopple #DowningStreetParties #PartyGate…
Even without the lies & shenanigans of Boris Johnson, Nadine Dorries characterises all that is wrong & unjust in #ToryBritain Anyone who defends rather than apologises for the #DowningStreetParties is a disgrace. Lucky for her she's in the safe tory #MidBedfordshire seat #bbcqt
'I would've absolutely endorsed as many meetings as possible, during that time, to take place outdoors', says culture sec Nadine Dorries as she tries to justify the Downing St garden party which took place on 20 May. Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233
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Exactly the people they would instruct to get them out of trouble. #Downingstreetparties they received fines!
I see he's getting the newbies on side already. I think it's called moulding. We all know which side the @metpoliceuk are on #downingstreetparties #NeverForget
It was a pleasure to welcome three police officers to Downing Street where I asked them why they decided to join the force. I’m delighted that we have now signed up 13,790 new officers, recruited to help keep you safer on our streets.
And so many of them knew about all those #DowningStreetParties and other #ToryCorruption but said nothing! We need more like Clive Ponting
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Except when it applies to #JohnsonTheLiar Just as the lockdown guidelines applied to us but not him #DowningStreetParties It’s how he lives his life.
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‘Nothing to see here’ seems to have been the prevailing ethos in looking into #DowningStreetParties Why haven’t all the 24/7 security police been interviewed in detail as to what they heard, knew, saw or participated in? It’s now getting quite serious reflection on our Democracy
Aww man @AlfieLockey you are one clever kid. Massive well done for getting this work published. Thanks to @HiveSouthYorks for the support. If you’d like a copy you can order it here… #BorisJohnson #ToryLeadershipFarce #thatsmyboy #DowningStreetParties
The killer line is "As far as I am aware, no Government business was discussed”. As far as he was aware, there were no #DowningStreetParties, #ChrisPincher was a saint, nobody mentioned #partygate nor accusations against his deputy chief whip. Beat #FuelBills with #PantsOnFire.
It sounds from his letter to the liaison committee that Boris Johnson got so pissed at the weekend party he can't remember what he did and didn't say to KGB spy Alexander Lebedev
What about the Abba party and the other one in the Johnson’s flat? What about the 24/7 security police presence outside all through lockdown? This will be front page of the @DailyMailUK for the next 2 weeks after the froth of #beergate? #downingstreetparties