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This is outrageous! Florida voters must #DumpDeSantis & restore sanity to governance. It’s clear he just wants dictatorship & is out destroy free thinking. #DeSantisIsUnAmerican
It doesn’t matter if they were potential Trump voters. They’re just a few more props on the DeSantis presidential campaign push. DeSantis follows the Orban playbook of creeping fascism/authoritarianism. He must be stopped. #DumpDeSantis #DeSantisOrbanLoveFest
#DumpDeSantis #VoteOutDeSantis DeSantis fans must remember that a dictator has no loyalty except to himself. #DeSantisOrban #DeSantisIsAFacist wannabe. He must be stopped. #GOPDeSantisOrbanPutin
Governor Ron DeSantis wants to bring back Florida civilian military force independent from federal government via
Yes, Florida GOP imposed what is basically a poll tax on newly enfranchised previously convicted. Florida has fast become a laboratory of authoritarianism. #VoteBlueFL #VoteOutDeSantis #DeSantisMustGo #DeSantistan #DumpDeSantis
It is notable that the 20 accused of “fraud” were people who voted despite losing their voting rights from a felony conviction, something not all states do. When Florida voters voted to restore voting rights to felons who completed their sentences the GOP hamstrung the rule.
DeSantis announces 20 arrests tied to voter fraud charges. ⁦@GovRonDeSantis⁩ if you believe there was so much voter fraud in Florida then maybe you weren’t legally voted into office either. #DumpDeSantis…
Please R/T. We must resist the far right authoritarian take over. It is not their country. It belongs to all of us. #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy #VoteOutEveryRepublican #VoteBlueDownBallot #VoteBlue #VoteBlue #DumpDeSantis dictator wannabe
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• How Ron DeSantis is following in Viktor Orbán’s footsteps • Vox • April 2022 •…
2 perfectly good candidates to vote for. @Joanne4Congress @CharlieCrist #DumpDeSantis
I'm a uniter. Bill Posey is a divider.
A federal judge just blocked Ron DeSantis’ ridiculously unconstitutional “Stop WOKE Act.” Now we need Florida voters to remove him from his position as governor.
20 people? Trump lost by over 7M votes. And you're all like "oooh, criminals." How much taxpayer money have you wasted on this farce? #TrumpsDone #VoteVal #DumpDeSantis
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@RonDeSantisFL⁩ governing style has more in common with Fidel Castro, Viktor Orban and Vladimir Putin then it does with Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan. Keep Florida a democracy. Say no to authoritarian rule. #DumpDeSantis. 👎🏽…