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A bit late but followed now. I thought I was already following. #FollowBackFriday-delay! #GTTONow #EnoughlsEnough #GeneralElectionN0W
I’m only a small account 😉 happy #followbackfriday, I would like to gain a few followers and I actually followback. If you hate Brexit, Conservatives, Profiteering, Sewage, The Daily Mail/Sun and support strikes and rejoining the EU. I’m your man.
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It should shock you reading this but as we know the #ToriesOut261 like to target the ones suffering already...while their mates profit off the back of it...#EnoughlsEnough #GeneralElectionN0W
- Stopping the benefits of parents whose children fail to attend school - tougher approach to the misuse of cannabis - more streamlined powers for landlords to help them evict troublesome tenants Just some of the suggestions #ToriesOut261 #SunakOut152…
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We’re heading for a global uprising against capitalism and it’s vendors. #EnoughlsEnough
The French Police are criminal thugs.
1 week today, we face the following price rises: • Stamps ⇧ 15% • Water Bills ⇧ 7.5% • Rail Fares ⇧ 5.9% • Energy Bills⇧ 20% • Council Tax ⇧ 5% But, hey, the cap on bankers’ bonuses is getting lifted so at least there is that. Mugged in broad daylight
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#EnoughlsEnough @Keir_Starmer in addition to sorting out the HOL you need to back proportional representation You also need to revisit your obstinacy about solutions to the damage caused by Brexit
Matthew Elliot broke the law.… That, alone, should be enough to bar him from being a lawmaker. But he SPECIFICALLY broke ELECTORAL law - he commited a crime against democracy - and this makes him PARTICULARLY unfit to serve in Parliament.
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I live in UK I am not Indian or Sikh but if action is not taken against this person I will close my personal and business accounts with Barclays on Monday morning and I will request all my fellow business associates to do the same, no place for hate #EnoughlsEnough ☹️☹️☹️
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Calling on all reasonable NIGERIANS, it's time to wake up from this nightmare!!! #EnoughlsEnough
He absolutely did not “ seem” to make that clear. He made it absolutely clear that if the committee did not rule in his favour and confirm what an honest man he is that he will neither accept the results or it’s impartiality. There is no “ seems” about it. This is pure Trump.
They hid behind "no debate" for so long because their stance is indefensible. They are so afraid to #LetWomenSpeak that they shut women down with violence and intimidation. If you've been silent, now is the time to speak up. #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #EnoughlsEnough
One covered herself in ridicule and nearly bankrupted the economy, the other covered a nation in ridicule, and crippled the economy for a generation. Neither has the authority to nominate a councillor, let alone a Lord.
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Don't forget to march for #RejoinEU today Saturday the 25th of March, #DayForRejoin! 🇪🇺❤ You can get the details at! 😉🇬🇧❤🇪🇺 #Brexit #BrexitIllegal #BrexitHeist 🤬 #EnoughlsEnough #StrongerTogether 💪🏼
Give the banks a break. It’s been 15 years since they last screwed us over and got away with it scott free. How long are they supposed to pretend to have ‘learned lessons’ for? #DeustcheBank #CostOfLivingCrisis #EnoughlsEnough