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Room Rater has thoughts. #EricHerschman’s setup slayed. 10/10. Here’s a backgrounder.…
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Here's what I'm referring to as "The Herschmann clause" of the new remote testimony rules:…
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Have to say I’ve joined the #EricHerschman Fan Club
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Next: Herschmann said in an email that short of a court order granting executive privilege, he would have to testify. “I certainly am not relying on any legal analysis from you or Boris [Epshteyn] - who I think is an idiot.” 5/
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BREAKING::THREAD::There are a LOT of breaking stories in the latest NYT piece that just dropped. First, trump lawyers told Herschmann to invoke sweeping executive privilege with the DoJ stating they have a “chief judge” in their pocket that will rule in their favor. 1/
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#CassidyHutchinson scribed the note from others. They all had a hand in writing it. Nice ty, Trump tards. #DonaldTrump The problem is that #CassidyHutchinson #PatCipillone #EricHerschman and even #MarkMeadows testimonies complement each other they are not diametrically opposed
Room Rater Investigative Unit’s Interim Report on #EricHerschman Decor Panda Art.… The Justice Bat.… We remain intrigued and have several theories as to what the 3 silver wall mounted objects are. Our investigation continues..
Former White House lawyer #EricHerschman says he told lawyer #JohnEastman on the day after Jan. 6: ⠀⠀ "Are you out of your effin' mind? ... I only want to hear 2 words coming out of your mouth from now on: Orderly transition." #January6thHearings
Beaming in from the restroom at Four Seasons Landscaping. Love the bat. We are pro panda. 0/10 #EricHerschman
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#EricHerschman could barely get through all the lies coming out of his mouth right now. It’s appalling to watch. It even seemed like he was about to say Join us “One Nation Under Trump” How pathetic Trump presides over the Divided States of America and you say keep doing it smh
#EricHerschman the hot mike?? Really?? Give us an actual recording we can understand. Not saying it didn't happen but #Trump & the @GOP are saying #LevParnas tapes are bogus. #TrumpIsCorrupt #GOPTraitors #ImpeachmentHearings
We are all Peppermint Patti listening to #Pam Bondi and #EricHerschman.