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I've just watched episode S05 | E02 of FBI! #fbi #tvtime
L'expert chargé de faire l'inventaire des #documents saisis à Mar-a-Lago n'a pas réussi à obtenir de Donald #Trump la preuve que des documents ont été ajoutés par le #FBI, comme il le prétendait. ▶️ La liste complète des documents saisis est donc retenue comme sincère.
#NationalSecuritySecrets Trump declassified them by thinking about them The #FBI planted them Which one is is Donnie ? It can’t be both You have told so many lies You don’t have the luxury of #Delay this time You picked the Special Master
"It's really the swamp where Donald Trump likes to swim where instead of just handing the documents back he accuses the FBI of illegal activity or planting them and just the circus goes on with him"… 04
Why is it a man like Jim Jordan can allow people to get raped underneath his watch his responsibility. Then commit treason against our country as part of the January 6th attack on our country. And is still walking free on our streets how is this possible #fbi
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An #FBI whistleblower has come forward, saying the bureau is violating policies in its #Jan6 investigation. Special agent Steve Friend also says he was told that child sexual abuse material investigations were “no longer an FBI priority.”…
This National #HispanicHeritageMonth, the #FBI salutes our Hispanic-American colleagues. Your dedication enhances our vision, your presence enriches our collective knowledge, and your service keeps our communities and nation safe. We thank you.
Keep up with everything #FBI with the myFBI Dashboard App! Through the app you can keep up on the Bureau’s latest stories and podcasts, follow FBI social media feeds, and learn about wanted fugitives.
The #FBI is warning American citizens about a cryptocurrency scam using an investment strategy called Liquidity Mining in which scammers exploit owners of cryptocurrency. Take a look at the recent #IC3 warning here:… 🚨#FBI gets involved in alarming trend hitting schools nationwide The FBI is warning about a new trend of people placing false school shooting 911 calls. The FBI said hoax calls are a federal crime.
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L'#FBI si dice contentissima di quello che ha trovato a #MarALago. Magari buttano via la chiave
Yes, indeed I do think it's strange that there was no investigation after you reported to the government that your disc drives - containing sensitive information about protecting the US food system - went missing.…
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the #fbi instigated jan6, the fbi has hunters laptop, the fbi spread the russian collusion lie, the fbi did not charge clinton for a server in her basement with top secret emails on it the fbi lied on fiasa wire tap warrants a blind man can see a pattern here
#العداله_لجواهر_حجي #FBI #FBILasVegas #justiceforjawaher We want justice for the victim and we need a convincing response and a convincing indication about her disappearance we need a death certificate for a convincing cause!🧏🏻‍♀️.
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How could the FBI raid the home of an ordinary citizen, his wife, and his children? This leads us to wonder what else they could do. Will there be consequences for their actions??? #markhouck #arrested #fbi